A 'Bachelor' Contestant Was Glam-Shamed On The Show & Twitter Clapped Back

by Kim Carpluk
The Bachelor

If you tuned in to Monday's hard-hitting episode of The Bachelor, then you may recall the best part of the episode happened during the blooper reel: glam-shaming. What's glam-shaming? Marikh from The Bachelor learned first hand, after a fellow contestant pointed out that she fixed her hair on a date. Overall, glam-shaming is a little known issue that we incessant makeup lovers and appliers face nearly everyday, and I'm glad someone is finally bringing attention to it.

OK, so I'm 90 percent joking and 10 percent serious, but the issue of glam-shaming is worth discussing. On Episode 4 of The Bachelor, after we watched the girls eat worms and nearly drink their own pee in an attempt to win Arie's heart (seriously, when did this show turn into Fear Factor?), the credits rolled as the most important scene of the episode occurred. Marikh, who is seriously so stunning it almost hurts my eyes to look at her, confronts Chelsea (who was the resident evil villain of The Bachelor until Krystal took a turn) about a conversation Chelsea had with Arie about Marikh. I hope you're still following, because I barely am.

Earlier in the episode, the women were forced to hike in "teams" toward a destination where, of course, a hot tub awaits. Seriously, there is always a hot tub. During the hike, it begins to snow. Some women were on Arie's team, and they were like... fine. They're OK. They're with Arie, so they are feigning happiness. However, the girls that aren't on Arie's team are forced to experience the outdoors (which I would absolutely hate) in the snow (which I would hate even more) with each other (which sounds like the beginning of Lord of the Flies to me).

Because she knows she's on camera and about to clandestinely enter a hot tub at some point, Marikh actually deigned to check her reflection and and fix her hair (gasp!). Again, this would be totally understandable if she wasn't huffing and puffing on national television, but the fact that the whole world (or at least, all of the Bachelor Nation) had eyes on her makes it even more understandable.

Then later, during her one-on-one conversation with Arie, Chelsea brought up Marikh's glamming, and later Arie playfully joked with Marikh about it. Yet, to Marikh, there was nothing joking or playful about this very serious issue. Chelsea was glam-shaming her, and, more importantly, Chelsea was glam-shaming her in front of the (v potential) race-car-driving, silver fox love of her life.

See, Chelsea told Arie that Marikh was using her compass as a mirror on her hike, but there was no mirror to be found. Marikh explained that she was fixing her hair because, "it looked like sh*t," which is relatable AF.

To quote Marikh, Chelsea glam-shamed her. I mean, really, Chelsea, why are you so obsessed with Marikh? Why were you staring at her instead of focusing on the trail? To quote Gretchen Weiners, "I'm sorry that people are so jealous of me... but I can't help it that I'm so (fill in assorted adjectives associated with beauty here)."

Chelsea responded by saying that she was absolutely not glam-shaming Marikh. She then defended herself in a straight-to-camera interview by stating that she, a former model, would never be "anti-glam" as glamming had been such a big part of her career. What?

As Marikh said, "You know, just like people slut-shame and body-shame people, you're like glam-shaming me."

Obviously, there are much bigger issues in the world. However, as someone who frequently fixes her makeup, I can say that I too have been glam-shamed before. I've felt the stares as I fixed my lip line on the subway or checked my flyaways in my reflection as I passed by a shiny window.

I think #glamshaming is trending because its low-key relatable. In all honesty, I think we need to let Marikh live. A little vanity never hurt nobody. Let her glam in peace.