Amazon's Prime Video Cinema hub allows users to watch in-theater movies at home.

You Can Now Watch In-Theater Movies At Home With This New Amazon Prime Service


Self-quarantine and social distancing are making trips to the movie theater basically impossible at the moment, so thankfully, Amazon is bringing the theater to you. Normally, new movies premiere in theaters and then won't be added to streaming services until several months later, but in light of the coronavirus pandemic, Amazon has introduced a new feature that allows users to stream movies that are currently still scheduled to be in theaters. Amazon's Prime Video Cinema hub is what movie buffs should be using to check out all the latest releases from the comfort of their homes.

In response to the CDC's recommendations that public gatherings be limited to just 10 people to help slow the spread of the coronavirus, most movie theaters across America closed down in the middle of March. Of course, the mass closures meant a lot of movie fans missed out on seeing the new movies they were excited for. To give everyone the chance to catch the new releases, studios have made some of their new titles available for streaming, and Amazon is collecting these in-theater releases in one place.

Amazon introduced a new section called Prime Video Cinema to house the movies still in theaters that have been newly made available for streaming. You can find the hub by clicking on the "Rent or buy" tab in Prime Video — it will be the top category on the page.


As of March 23, only four movies are available in the hub: Onward, The Invisible Man, Emma, and The Hunt, each available for $19.99. The number of films available is expected to grow in coming weeks.

Amazon's Prime Video Cinema hub is just one of the ways you can stream new movies at home. In-theater movies being made available for video-on-demand early can also be purchased on iTunes, Google Play, and other on-demand services. Additionally, Disney+ is adding recent Disney releases to its streaming platform early, including much earlier streaming releases for Frozen 2 and Onward.


Missing out on the latest movie should be the least of your worries right now, and studios and streaming services are stepping up big time to make sure everyone will get the chance to catch all the latest releases from the comfort of their homes.

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