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Uranus Retrograde Is Coming To An End — Here's What That Means For Your Sign


There's one planet that will never quite fit in with the other planets and that planet is Uranus. Ruler of revolution, individuality, radicalism, and eccentricity, Uranus is always aiming to turn over the establishment and build a different tomorrow. At its best, Uranus wants the world to change for the better. At its worst, this planet wants to break the rules and watch the world burn just for the fun of it. Either way, Uranus shakes you out of your comfort zone and the results are always exhilarating. So, what happens when Uranus retrograde ends? Is the ground going to crumble beneath you? Will there be a new world order? While it probably won't be anywhere near that dramatic, Uranus never fails to bring the dramatics one way or another.

However, Uranus is an extremely slow-moving outer planet, which means that its effects tend to take shape over time rather than affect your life on a day-to-day basis. This also means that the effects of its retrograde are nowhere near as noticeable as its more (in)famous counterpart, Mercury retrograde. While that certainly takes a load off your shoulders, this is not to say that Uranus retrograde won't have a profound impact on your life.

Uranus has been retrograde in earthy, abundant, and traditional Taurus since Aug. 12, 2019, encouraging a shift in the comforts you cling to and revealing the ways in which you may be too stubborn. When this planet is undergoing apparent retrograde motion, it turns its effects inward. In this state, Uranus encourages you to make changes that start from within, helping you embrace a deeper sense of independence and authenticity.

When Uranus stations direct on Jan. 10, here's how it will affect your zodiac sign:



You've received so much insight about your relationship with money and material things. There may be unexpected windfalls coming your way, as well as the opportunity to spark quite the lucrative financial venture. Get motivated to add extra digits to your bank account.


Embrace your inner freak and dare to be independent. Your life is flourishing with inspiring, innovative energy. Don't be afraid of standing out or deviating from your usual norm. This is the time to experiment with different outcomes and lifestyles. Allow yourself to grow.


You've been unveiling secrets and tapping into your intuition. You may be surprised by the odd direction your inner voice has been taking you, but you should follow it anyway. You're learning how to heal yourself, because you have the power to do it all on your own. Don't believe otherwise.


You've reexamined the way you can fight for a cause or put the needs of the collective before your own. Now, you're understanding who shares your same mission. Prepare to meet strange and exciting new people who inspire you to take on something larger than yourself.



Expect the unexpected when it comes to your career and your path in life. It's time to make a courageous move, even if it terrifies you. Put yourself out there and trust opportunities to compete and display your talents for all the world to see. This is not the time to hide.


You've embraced a deeper understanding of your belief system. You're choosing to have faith in something specifically suited to you rather than what you've always been taught to believe. Now, it's time to let your renewed sense of faith take you down beautiful new paths.


You've undergone a deep and internal transformation, but this story is just beginning. There may be abrupt endings and electrifying new beginnings, but it's all teaching you about your relationship with attachment. Make sure you're choosing your attachments wisely.


You're understanding which relationships support you on your journey toward self-realization and which do not. Let this bring you closer to new partnerships and teach you something and help you evolve. Allowing someone to enter your life can change it completely.



You're embracing changes to your routine and your ability to care for yourself by taking practical and methodical measures. It may be time to try a new line of work or adhere to a new set of rules. You're developing an innovative way to create healthy and responsible habits.


You're allowing yourself to stand out by embracing your creativity and truly expressing yourself. Putting your passions out there will release you from the prison you may have created. Feel free to experience this life however you see fit, because you have the right to.


You're discovering the deep and intrinsic layers of your private life. Don't be afraid to create a home that suits you despite what everyone else may think. There may be an unexpected revelation regarding the place in which you live, as well as the people you call your family.


You've reexamined your voice and the way you use it. It's time to speak your truth, regardless of how it may cause conflict or create disruptions. If you stand idly by and keep your voice to yourself, you're doing not only yourself a disservice, but also the world.