This One Detail In The Last Episode Of 'Stranger Things' Season 2 Could Be A Huge Problem In Season 3


At the end of Stranger Things Season 1, there were some loose ends left lying around that were clearly meant to be picked back up in Season 2. Warning: This post has spoilers for Stranger Things Season 2. Eleven's disappearance for example, Hopper's offering in the woods, or Will coughing up a slug. Season 2 is no different. With Season 3 already assured, loose ends were left lying everywhere this season too. Including the very perplexing question of what happened to the Demodog in the freezer on Stranger Things? Like how pissed off was Joyce when she opened up her icebox at the end of this insanity, and found the ice cream was melted and a demodog was inside instead? Please be advised: This post contains spoilers for Stranger Things Season 2.

Netflix has a genuine viral hit on their hands, and even if they finally discovered the power of cancellation (sorry Sense8), Stranger Things Season 3 is totally a go. The problem is, unlike Season 1, things ended on a relatively happy note this year.

Mike's not grieving in his basement, wondering where Eleven went, and if he really saw her in that window. He and she are learning how to slow dance, only a year late to that Snow Ball date he promised. Lucas and Max are dating. Hopper's got a daughter (or maybe niece), and a birth certificate to prove her existence. Will is finally back to normal. Dustin's mom has a new cat. Even Barb's story line has been resolved.

But things... aren't totally back to normal. There have been some changes, starting with the closing of Hawkins Lab. A move I personally think someone will be regretting sooner rather than later. Like, say fall of 1985 level sooner.

Why? Because the Upside Down and the Shadow Monster might have been cut off from our world. But that doesn't mean that it's just going to forget.

When Eleven opened up that rift between these mirror universes, she didn't just make us aware that there are other universes, she made creatures in that universe aware of us. And that's a big problem. The Shadow Monster was quite pleased with having a door to reach through and murder every living being on the other side.

Eleven took that away as her last act before leaving Hawkins Lab for what seems to be the last time before starting a life as Jane Hopper. And as we saw in the final shot, the Shadow Monster is not okay with that at all.

So what items still exist in our world when the rift closed? The demodogs. As Hopper and Jane left the huge put under the lab, we saw the carcasses of the creatures falling down into the darkness. In the tunnels under Hawkins, we saw Dart expire, still sitting where Dustin left him, like the part-puppy he was.

And in the Byers' kitchen, a demodog body is on ice. Evidence for anyone who cares to look of what the hell happened in 1984.

So what happened to that body? Unlike the ones that fell into the abyss, and the ones we assume is now buried in the tunnels under Hawkins, this one Dustin was saving. For science! Did Mr. Clarke see it? Was Dustin allowed to name the new discovery?

Or did Joyce, upon coming home and seeing what these boys did in her fridge blow a gasket? Did Jonathan and Nancy have to take the body out, get brand new groceries to feed the family, and then bury the dog's body in the woods somewhere where it wouldn't be found? Or did they return it to Hawkins Lab, and Dr. Owens and company took care of it along with the rest of the demodog remains?

Whatever happened to the body, it seems to be a non issue by the time a month has passed, so we're hoping this danging plot thread, like communism, is just a red herring.