'Stranger Things' Season 2 Is Longer Than Season 1 & We Can't Wait To Binge Watch Even More

by Billy Lorusso

Any binge-watcher will agree it's been too long since we've been blessed with new episodes of Stranger Things; thankfully, though, Netflix has our backs (as usual) and Season 2 is creeping up on us like the Demogorgon creeped up on Barb while she was danglin' her lil feet in the deep end of Steve's pool. That's right, the countdown is officially on and the popular Netflix original is set to return with a whole bunch of new thrills for us to savor on October 27. As if that weren't exciting enough, this season of Stranger Things has more episodes than Season 1 did, so sit back, put on your new bra, and get ready to time travel back to the '80s because — if the trailer is any indication — we're in for one hell of a ride this season.

It's no surprise that Season 1 of Stranger Things took everyone with a Netflix account (or their BFF's Netflix account password) by storm. We were all sucked into the Upside Down with Will Byers, and we weren't rescued until the final episode. The only part that sucks about Season 1, though, is there are only eight episodes, and when they're all done you kinda feel like Joyce searching for Will, only you're searching for new episodes and your mom would be pissed if you painted an alphabet on the walls and chain-smoked cigarettes in the living room.

This time around, the Netflix gods have heard our cries and we're getting 9 episodes, which means we have an extra hour for even more strange things to happen!

From the looks of the trailers for Season 2, we'll be lost in a whole new set of mysteries. Will is in the hospital for some reason, Eleven is putting her telekinesis back to use, and a new monster is terrorizing Hawkins. Indeed, at one point you can even hear Hopper say, chillingly, "It's not like it was before, it's grown," and something tells me he's talking about the Demogorgon and not a healthy tomato plant in his well-kept garden. Though there is a lot going on in the trailer, one thing is obvious: Season 2 is ready to leave us all shaking.

Earlier this year, David Harbour — the actor who plays Sheriff Hopper — spoke with Uproxx about what fans of the show can expect to see in its sophomore season. Of course, his interview doesn't spoil too much of the mystery (if anything it only builds the suspense), but it does make one thing clear: Season 2 is not just a replica of Season 1. The actor says,

You have a very successful show, and then people want you to kind of come out and do the same thing. It’s like having a hit song or something. People just want you to sing the hit song over and over again. In a way, you create kind of vanilla ice cream for the first season. Everybody’s like, ‘Holy shit, vanilla ice cream’s so good.’ For the second season, I think there’s this feeling where you’re like you don’t want to do vanilla. You want to do strawberry ice cream. I think people will feel like maybe they like vanilla ice cream better than they like strawberry ice cream, but we’re going to create the best strawberry ice cream we can. We don’t want to recreate vanilla.

OK, now in addition to being anxious, I'm hungry. Clearly Stranger Things is going to build on what it did well in Season 1 while also delivering something unique this season; whether or not Season 2's "strawberry ice cream" will be as addicting as Season 1's "vanilla" remains to be seen, but, if the new episodes are even half as suspenseful as the trailers we've seen so far, I'd say we'll be stuck in the Upside Down all over again in no time.

Stranger Things returns to Netflix for its second season on Oct. 27. In the meantime, grab yourself an Eggo and rewatch Season 1.

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