Here's What '13 Reasons Why' Fans Should Know About Monty's Fate In Season 3


When 13 Reasons Why debuted, it was immediately clear Bryce Walker was the main villain of the series, but the ending of Season 2 pretty much horrified everyone, and many fans began to consider Bryce's ever-loyal lackey Montgomery de la Cruz as even worse than the serial rapist himself. In Season 3, both characters' private lives were explored more than ever before, and both had shocking story arcs. Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from the finale of 13 Reasons Why Season 3. After finishing the new season, fans are left with the pressing question of what happened to Monty in 13 Reasons Why Season 3, and what his fate means for Season 4.

Monty spends most of Season 3 terrorizing his fellow classmates as per usual, with a particular focus on Tyler Down. As fans will recall, at the end of Season 2, it was revealed that Monty had been behind all of the threatening messages sent to the Liberty High students to intimidate them out of testifying against Bryce, and in a controversial scene at the very end of the season, Monty used a mop handle to sexually assault Tyler in the school bathroom. Thankfully, Tyler made great strides in recovering from his trauma in Season 3 with the help of his now more-dedicated network of friends, even finding the strength to publicly come out as a rape survivor.


Just as Season 3 offered more insight into Bryce Walker's private life prior to his murder, the new season also helped explain where Monty's intense and disturbing aggression comes from. As was revealed in Season 2, Monty's father beats him constantly, and that is shown more explicitly in the new season. But on top of that, Monty is also majorly struggling with his sexuality.

Monty possibly being closeted had been subtly hinted at throughout Season 2, as the jock would incessantly make homophobic jokes to a strange degree, but it was confirmed in Season 3 during a scene in which Monty attended a rich-kid party with Bryce. There, Monty ran into a guy named Winston in a bedroom, and the two immediately started hooking up. However, when Winston said goodbye to Monty in front of other partygoers, Monty freaked out and began violently beating him.

Ani later revealed Monty had a motive to murder Bryce, since Bryce had confronted Monty right before the homecoming game, threatening that if he did not leave Tyler alone then Bryce would expose all Monty's past crimes. Although Ani pinned Bryce's murder on Monty, in actuality, Monty went to Winston's house after the homecoming game and spent the night with him. But of course, Monty would never reveal his alibi.


The reason Ani, Clay, and the rest of the main characters were comfortable falsely accusing Monty of the murder in order to protect Alex was because they had already received intel that Monty had been killed. In the final episode, Monty was sent to prison after Tyler reported his rape. His final scene was with his father, who spat in his son's face after he alluded to being gay. Later, a local drug deal who had been in the jail at the time spilled to Justin and Ani that Monty had been killed, so Ani hatched the scheme to end the investigation by making a convincing story that Monty killed Bryce.

Fans probably won't find out who killed Monty since it sounded like it was just some random person in prison, but even in death, Monty will likely still be central to the biggest threat facing the Liberty High crew heading into Season 4. In the final moments of Season 3, Winston told Ani he knew she pinned Bryce's murder on Monty even though he did not do it, and argued that Monty did not deserve that. So, will Winston come forward with Monty's alibi in Season 4 to clear the dead jock's name? And would that mean Clay, Alex, and Jess could be investigated for Bryce's murder again? Fans will have to wait to see what the final season of 13 Reasons Why has in store.

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