'Dead to Me' Season 1 brought an unlikely pair together as friends.

This 'Dead To Me' Recap Is Exactly What You Need Before You Watch Season 2


The most thrilling show about grief is back for a second season. When it premiered in 2019, Dead to Me took viewers on a wild ride full of unexpected twists and surprising reveals, and Season 2 promises to be just as exciting. But before you jump into the new episodes, you're going to need a quick recap. Here's what happened on Dead to Me Season 1, as a reminder of where all the drama left off before Season 2.

Spoiler alert: This post will cover events throughout the entirety of Dead to Me Season 1. The series began shortly after the death of Jen Harding's (Christina Applegate) husband, Ted, who was killed in an unsolved hit-and-run. In her grief, Jen became fixated on trying to track down the driver who killed her husband, and she also began attending a support group for those who lost loved ones. That's where she met Judy Hale (Linda Cardellini). Judy told Jen she was attending the support group because her fiancé Steve Wood (James Marsden) died of a heart attack, but that was soon revealed to be a lie, as Steve was still alive, and Judy confessed she was actually grieving a string of miscarriages.

Despite the lie, Jen and Judy developed a very quick friendship, which even led to Judy moving into Jen's guest house just days after the two met. The only issue was... Judy was the one who killed Jen's husband. It's clear Judy was wracked with guilt over the accidental death, but her ex Steve was intent on covering the crime up.


As Steve tried to rid himself of Judy and all her drama, Judy grew closer and closer with Jen. The two held a birthday memorial for Ted, confronted his mistress together, and even turned a grief retreat into a drunken vacation. But all that time, Jen was still trying to figure out the hit-and-run, while Judy was unsure how to deal with her guilt.

While on their grief retreat, Jen and Judy met Nick, a police detective who was recently put on leave for psychological reasons after his partner died on the job. When Jen told Nick about her hit-and-run case, he offered to help out, and quickly began finding evidence to identify the car involved in the accident. Thanks to Nick's work, the police were able to confirm the car's make and model, and Jen set out to visit the homes of every registered owner of a 1966 Mustang. Of course, that was bad new for Judy, but when she snuck off to try to hide her car, it was missing. Steve had already taken it and began to dismantle it, planning on disposing of the parts so they could never be found.

Tired of all the secrets and lies, Judy finally resolved to come clean. She turned Steve in for money laundering, and also told Jen the truth about Ted's death: that she was the one behind the wheel, with Steve in the passenger seat. Understandably, Jen was irate with Judy, telling her she never wants to see her again. To try to make up for what she did, Judy emptied her joint bank account with Steve and gave the money to Jen, since the latter was experiencing financial issues. After that, Judy had suicidal thoughts, and walked in front of traffic at the same place Ted died.

But Judy's final act led to a bigger splash than she intended. After finding out Judy had taken his money and reported him for laundering, Steve went to Jen's house to confront her, only to find she'd left for good. This led to an argument between Steve and Jen, who now knew the truth about her husband's death, and was also carrying a gun. Though it wasn't shown on-screen, Steve ended up dead in Jen's pool, and Jen called up Judy and asked her to come over right as she was about to walk in front of a car.


Despite Jen saying she never wanted to see Judy again, and Judy being on the edge of suicide, it looks like Season 2 will bring the duo back together as they try to cover up Steve's death. Of course, Jen and Judy's relationship is rockier than ever now that the truth is out, but at least the lies between them are in the past... or are they?

Season 2 of Dead to Me premieres on Netflix on Friday, May 8.