The 'Dead To Me' Season 2 teaser reveals the new season is coming soon.

‘Dead To Me’ Season 2 Is Coming So Soon & This New Teaser Will Get Fans Excited


Jen and Judy are really in it now. The complicated besties are back in the new teaser for Dead to Me's second season, which centers on a murder cover-up that nobody saw coming. It's been a while since fas have last seen the duo, but thankfully the wait is almost over. The Dead to Me Season 2 teaser revealed the new premiere date, and it is less than a month away.

Netflix dropped the first season of Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini's grief-stricken dramedy last May, and after a shocking first season finale, the series is nearly back to continue the twisted friendship between Jen Harding and Judy Hale. In Season 1, Jen began growing very close with Judy, a woman she met in her grief counseling meeting shortly after the death of her husband. But as the season continued, Judy's dark secrets began revealing themselves. Her husband hadn't died, but had broken up with her before even getting married, and [spoiler alert] it was actually both Judy and her ex Steve responsible for accidentally killed Jen's husband in a hit and run.

The big reveal understandably caused a major rift in Jen and Judy's friendship at the end of Season 1, but they came back together after Jen seemingly shot and killed Steve in her backyard. That surprising murder will be the catalyst for Season 2, as Netflix's new teaser revealed. The video showed Steve's death again, followed by a new scene of Jen and Judy trying to figure out what to do next in a diner.

The exact story for Season 2 is not totally clear, but it definitely seems like it will heavily revolve around Jen and Judy teaming up to try to cover up Steve's death. There are also lots of fan theories that despite the scene seeming to point to Jen as Steve's killer, there may have been someone else who offed Judy's ex. Since Season 1 was packed with twists, fans can bet that Season 2 will take some very unexpected turns as well.

The biggest reveal in the teaser, though, was the Season 2 premiere date. The new season is hitting Netflix in less than a month, on May 8. Fans also got a new poster for Season 2 that shows Jen and Judy submerged in a pool, the same place where Steve's dead body ended up.

Get ready for Season 2 of Dead to Me to arrive on Netflix on Friday, May 8.