Refresh Your Memory On The 'Riverdale' Season 2 Ending Before The Season 3 Premiere


The third season of Riverdale is just starting up, but before you sit down to watch the premiere, you are going to need a refresher on where we left things off with Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, and everyone else. Use this handy primer to remind yourself what happened at the end of Riverdale Season 2 and you won't have any confusion about what is going on in the Season 3 premiere. Let's break down where we left off with each important character at the end of Season 2, and what you can expect to see from them in Season 3.

Betty Cooper

Season 2 was a major one for Betty Cooper. At the end of the season, Betty found out that her dad, Hal Cooper, was actually the Black Hood serial killer all along, and she watched as he was arrested. The revelation obviously took a toll on Betty, and we will see her try to cope with the fact that her dad is a serial killer in Season 3. And perhaps even more importantly, we will see how Betty's mom Alice will try to cope. A standout moment from the Season 2 finale saw Betty's sister Polly convince her mom to give her cult-like commune The Farm a try following Hal's arrest, and Season 3 will revolve around this cult making its arrival in Riverdale.

Jughead Jones

Betty's boyfriend didn't exactly end Season 2 on a high note either. After Jughead turned himself over to the Southside Serpents' rival gang the Ghoulies to avoid an all-out war, Penny Peabody ordered an attack on him personally. Fans thought Jughead may have actually been killed in that attack when F.P. found his lifeless body in the woods, but he managed to survive after all... and even got appointed the new Serpent King after F.P. announced his retirement. Since Season 3 picks up three months after the Season 2 finale, Jughead should be fully healed in the premiere, but the Serpents' rivalry with the Ghoulies is more heated than ever.

Veronica Lodge

Aside from the Black Hood, the other major villain of Season 2 turned out to be Veronica's father Hiram. In the finale, Veronica made her first big play against her father: buying the Whyte Worm bar in the Southside to prevent her father from controlling the whole area. She then traded him the bar for his ownership of Pop's Diner. With Veronica's hatred for her father finally at its peak, we can probably expect her to make even more plays against Hiram in the new season.

Archie Andrews


The last moment of the Season 2 finale will be the most important heading into Season 3, and that was all about Archie. During a pep rally, police officers walk into Riverdale High and place Archie under arrest, charging him with the murder of Cassidy Bullick. Of course, the viewers know that it was not Archie, but Hiram's lackey Andre who actually killed Cassidy in Shadow Lake, but Archie was the only person who witnessed the murder. As Archie is arrested, he catches Hiram grinning in the corner, and it's clear that he is behind the frame job. Season 3 will kick off with Archie's trial for this murder.

Riverdale Season 3 will premiere on the CW on Wednesday, Oct. 10 at 8 p.m. ET.