What You're Thinking About During Your Morning Commute, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Unless you're lucky enough to work from home, the vast majority of us are no strangers to how terrible a long commute can be. Never in my life have I ever been a morning person. Yet, in the not so distant past, there was a time where I interrupted my sleep five days a week to leave the house by 7 a.m. on the dot. Then, I had the pleasure of fighting through stop-and-go traffic for an hour straight just to get to work. Even worse, there was another period of time where I used to sit on the freeway for two straight hours just to get to class. Granted, I live in Los Angeles, a city so infamous for bad traffic that it's almost offensive. But the fact of the matter is that if you're going places, there's bound to be trouble. If you're wondering how we each deal with it, then what each zodiac sign thinks about during their commute will probably sound all too familiar. Make sure you check your Mercury sign as well, since this planet rules over daily activities, transportation, and planning.

Whether you're bussing it to your destination, zigzagging through freeway traffic, or navigating complex subway connections, a commute almost always has a negative connotation to it. I mean, wouldn't it be nice if we could part away crowds and cars like Moses parted the Red Sea? Wouldn't it be lovely if we could call a helicopter to airlift us out of of traffic when we're running late? I mean, fantasies like these are a few of the ways we can stay sane during a tough commute, if you know what I mean.

Aries: You Are Beyond Frustrated That Nobodies Moving

You've got places to be, a lot on your plate, and absolutely no patience when it's first thing in the morning. If people are moving at the pace of the snail and hindering your action-oriented transportation style, you will be complaining about it.

Taurus: You're Grouchy Because You Skipped Breakfast

When it's time to head out, you've gotta choose between hitting the snooze button or making yourself a hearty breakfast. It's easier to go with the first option, so you probably spend your commute thinking about everything you could be eating.

Gemini: You're Half-Awake, Scrolling Through The Media Storm

Always hungry for information, you probably spend the whole commute flipping through stations or mindlessly scrolling until you find something even remotely interesting. By the time you get to work, you're ready to tell your co-worker everything about the latest celebrity gossip.

Cancer: You're Thinking Of Excuses To Just Go Back Home

Leaving your bed and heading to work is your absolute least favorite part of the day. You're probably entertaining the idea of calling in sick, brainstorming every reason why you deserve a mental health day, or maybe even daydreaming about work-from-home jobs.

Leo: You're Thinking About Singing Your Favorite Song Out Loud

Being an artist at heart, you treat your morning commute like a chance to be on stage. You probably have a playlist at the ready, and you're bopping along to your favorite tunes, imagining yourself as a rockstar with rabid fans. You know you're this close to belting your heart out.

Virgo: You're Stressing Over Your Overwhelming To-Do List

Lord knows you're incapable of turning down an opportunity. Chances are, you're one of the busiest employees at work because of all the projects you take on. You probably spend your commute agonizing over how you're gonna accomplish everything on schedule.

Libra: You're Fuming Over How Rude Everyone's Being

Even during a hasty morning before work, you value social graces and transportation etiquette. If inconsiderate bystanders or reckless drivers are making your commute a ridiculous experience, your side-eye is this close to becoming full blown rage.

Scorpio: You Need Everyone To Respect Your Personal Space

Public transportation in the morning is a cringe-worthy experience for you because there are just way too many strangers huddled too close for comfort. You're definitely wearing your headphones even if you're not listening to music. Why? So that no one will talk to you.

Sagittarius: You're Running Late Because You Had To Stop For Coffee

A morning routine before work can become ridiculously monotonous. Chances are, you're always try to find ways to spice up your daily commute, and you're probably known for making various pitstops, just so you can show up late with a caffeinated beverage in hand.

Capricorn: You're Either Sleep Deprived Or Amped Up And Ready

You're so ambitious that your morning commute is almost always a roller-coaster ride. You're either sleep deprived because you stayed up late last night doing God knows what or you're fully charged with energy because you showed up to a 6 a.m. Pilates class.

Aquarius: You're Getting Political About How Terrible This Traffic Is

Whether you're driving through stop-and-go traffic or held back by constant delays via public transportation, you know you're definitely thinking of spearheading a morning commute revolution. If the government won't do something about this mess, you will.

Pisces: You Almost Forgot Your Stop Because You're Daydreaming

You probably spend your morning commute daydreaming about alternate realities and hypothetical scenarios. Your imagination is so vivid that, chances are, you've missed your turn or forgotten your stop so many times that everyone just expects you to be late.