Is Your "Study Date" Legit? 4 Ways To Tell If They're Into Chemistry Or ~Chemistry~

by Jamie Kravitz

In college, you are constantly studying. Rather than suffer alone, it helps to prepare for papers and exams with other people. A cute classmate asking you to go over the material might be his or her excuse to get to know you better, but it could also be perfectly innocent. So how do you figure out what "study date" means? Is it an actual date, or is the emphasis supposed to be on "study"?

If you search "study date" on Urban Dictionary (yes, it still exists), the top definition explains that there are actually two possible meanings of the term. It could be a real date, if there is mutual attraction. In that case, the study date "serves as the primer for a legit date to come." Or, it may not be a date at all. If you are just friends, it's possible that the term "date" is being used loosely rather than literally.

Since it's not always easy to tell what another person is thinking — and because these days, very few people are straightforward about their intentions — you'll need to rely on your feminine intuition to determine whether you're just studying, or on an actual date. Here are four strategies to use when you're stuck in this classic scenario.

1. Feel out the situation.

Time to check out the clues: Did she seek you out after class to ask about studying together? Or were you the one who brought it up? Did he text you saying he's looking forward to seeing you, or was it more like, "hey can u bring the textbook cuz i never bought it"? If he genuinely seems into the idea of "studying," he's probably into you. Because who actually wants to do schoolwork on a Saturday afternoon?

2. Look for signs.

Once the study date starts, you should continue to look for signs that point one way or the other — for example, if he's on his phone the whole time or invites his buddy over to your table, versus buying your coffee and sitting super close to you. Of course, sometimes the signs are much more subtle. You might catch her looking at you behind her laptop, or asking you personal questions that clearly aren't on the flashcards. Is she more interested in America's history... or yours?

3. Get your flirt on.

If you're halfway through the date(?) and you still don't know how he or she feels, maybe it's time to up the ante. Why not be a little flirty, and see how he takes it? Worst case scenario, he doesn't flirt back. While that might hurt, at least you'll know not to keep pursuing him.

4. Just ask!

If all else fails, you can always just ask. Honesty is refreshing, and sometimes you just have to be candid. "Hey, just curious, is this a date?" is actually such a simple question. It might feel loaded because we tend to place so much weight on the word date, but if you ask the question casually and keep your reaction low-key as well, the other person should feel comfortable telling you the truth about how he or she feels.

Put on something cute and don't forget your laptop charger, because a study date could go either way. With these tips in mind, though, you're ready to ace the test.

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