How To Talk To Someone In Your Class If You Can't Stop Thinking About Them

School crushes are basically the most adorable crushes ever. I've been out of school for eons, but I would love to go back just to relive the experience of exchanging flirtatious gazes over French composition books. But how do you talk to someone in your class when there isn't supposed to be any talking? Asking for a study date can be cute, but if you really want someone to know that you're interested, you need to up your game. That means getting over your nerves and getting up the courage to actually ask your class crush out.

If the cute person in your class doesn't know you that well (or at all), they might not want to commit to hanging out with you. Plus, you're definitely going to want to break the ice a bit before you totally build them up in your head and find yourself sitting across from them in a coffee shop, completely tongue tied. If you don't want to ask them about the homework last night, here are some completely organic gestures that will get you and your crush to actually talk. Don't forget that, if you can't catch them after class, you can always pass them a note.

1. Bring Them A Relevant Token Of Your Affection

Is your crush in your Medieval History class? Bring them a postcard you found depicting a saint. Are you taking Geology together? Bring them a crystal from your collection or an intriguing rock you found. If you're too afraid to just strike up a conversation, giving your crush a small gift is a completely adorable gesture that will probably make them want to approach you. Even if they don't come up to you, your gesture might just have made their day.

2. If There's Extra Credit, Do It Together


I remember that, one time, I got close to my crush in my art history class by inviting her to go to a museum with me. We got bonus points for checking out the art and doing a quick write up about it, and we finally had an opportunity to talk out of the confines of our lecture room. If you can invite them on a school-related outing before asking them on a date, you both can get a better sense of one another and build a rapport through a shared experience. That has to stand for something.

3. Tell Them How Impressed You Were By Something They Said

Deep down, in our heart of hearts, there lives in every single one of us a teeny, tiny narcissist who loves to be flattered. If you're particularly attracted to your crush's mind, you should tell them that the next time they say something insightful in class. Recognizing that they offered a thought-provoking concept will definitely give you an opportunity to talk about how brilliant you find them and invite them to share more of their theories with you over drinks on Friday.

4. Create Your Own Inside Joke


Does your professor sound exactly like Principal Skinner from The Simpsons? Do you have one classmate who starts every sentence they say with "Well, actually..."? Making a little inside joke about something that happens in your classroom is a totally adorable way to strike up a conversation with your crush. Bonus points if you make like Heath Ledger in 10 Things I Hate About You and do something a little bit mischievous, too. Nothing that will get you expelled or anything, of course.

Considering that people have been crushing on their classmates since before the age of Freddie Prinze, Jr., I'm fairly certain that even if you get embarrassed trying to strike up a flirtation, nothing can really go wrong. And remember, once you graduate, you literally never have to see them again. But until then, why not put your nerves aside and just chat 'em up?

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