What Does Sex Feel Like? 12 Women Describe The Sensation

If your high school health class looked anything like mine, you sat in uncomfortable plastic chairs with post-pubescent boys and haphazardly learned about fallopian tubes. Although you may have learned the body parts and scientific angles of your reproductive system, you may have left the class still wondering, what does sex feel like?

Of course, as long as what you're doing is consensual and pleasurable to you and your partner — there is no wrong or right way to have sex. Whether you like it rough or soft, you prefer no penetration, or you like to have something fit in every orifice — sex can look like whatever you want it to. Moreover, sex can feel like whatever you want it to. Still, no matter how long you've been doing the dirty, or how many partners you've gotten frisky with — it's natural to wonder what getting physical feels like to other people. Talking openly about sex and hearing stories from the people around you can be a great way to feel less alone and more supported in your own sexual journey.

Elite Daily asked 12 women what sex felt like to them and what they said is super relatable.

1. Like You're Totally Present

Like I've found the missing part of me, not only in the person I'm having sex with, but in the act itself. I finally get to express this part of me that is always with me everyday, but that I need to deny or control or somehow manage. Yet, its a part of me that I love and cherish and in some ways is the best part of me — present, active, loving, aware — all the things I know I am and I know other people can be. There are bills to pay, work to be done and things to take care of, so I understand why we can't be like that all the time.
It's like getting out of school for the summer and just laughing because it's so long until you have to go back that it doesn't even matter.


2. THB, It's Indescribable

Indescribable. It isn't something that makes my relationship. It isn't a huge deal to happiness. We have sex like once every two to three weeks, if that. Some people would freak out and say how do you not do it two to three times a week.
That being said, it does feel fantastic.


3. You Need To Be In The Mood

If you're not fully in the mood, then the act of penetration can feel like nothing remarkable.
I've had sex where I felt nothing and could've concentrated on reading a book if I wanted.


4. Total Euphoria

With the right person, it feels like nothing you have ever experienced. Total euphoria, finger tips tingle, toes curl without a second thought. But only with the right person is it worth it.


5. Uh, Amazing

Um, amazing. It's a feeling of fullness & pressure. We got it lucky, cause there's even the afterwards feeling of strolling around feeling like you've had sex... which is another good feeling, and I'm not talking about the post-orgasm fairyland stuff. You feel empty, in a good way. Woah, I just found out that it's very hard to describe the feeling of having good sex.


6. Like Finding An Uber With Your Phone On 1%

Like having 1% battery and waiting for an Uber and you find the car right when your phones dies and you dive into the car.

— Kara, 25

7. You Feel Like A Goddess

I love afterward, when I go to the bathroom and see myself in the mirror, naked, hair mussed, cheeks flushed, and I feel like a goddess.


8. Like Taking Your Bra Off After A Long Day

It's that feeling when, after a long day of work, you take your bra off, or drinking water when you're super thirsty, or finally scratching an itch, or getting a big paycheck.


9. It's Physical & Emotional

Physical: Imagine if your best pleasure centers in your body can be immersed in just the right type of stimulation. I mean, fully incased. Yeah... It feels great.
Emotional: I can only speak regarding one partner, because that's how many people I've slept with. I've been with them a long time. I don't know what to say. At this point, I guess it's a feeling of emotional renewal. Does that make sense?


10. Like Dollar Oysters

Almost as good as spicy wontons or dollar oyster happy hour, but more muscular work as a whole so... it’s fine.

— Kim, 24

11. A Really Good, Physically Overwhelming Feeling

Like when you ask someone to scratch your back and they finally hit the spot that itches. Over and over and over again. Just like a really good, physically overwhelming feeling.


12. It's Awesome

Sex feels awesome. That's why we do it.

— Chelsea, 27

As long as your sex is consensual, there's no right or wrong way to feel while going at it. From awesome to boring to taking off your bra after a long day — getting frisky can really run the sexy gambit. At the end of the day, sex can feel different to everyone, which sounds pretty sexy to me.