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15 People Describe What Love At First Sight Feels Like


In every gooey rom-com, the moment when two people first meet, they often find themselves falling in love. With a slow-motion shot and an inspirational song playing in the background, two perfect strangers instantly become one hot and heavy couple. Of course, no matter how many romantic movies you've watched, or how many times you've been in love yourself, it's natural to wonder, what does love at first sight feel like?

From daydreaming about your wedding day to literally drooling over how cute someone is, there's no shortage of ways to know you're in love. Whether all your fears seem to slip away or if you feel totally calm and confident when you started talking to them, love at first sight can mean something different to everyone. Though an instant spark sounds like the height of romance, love follows its own timeline. Sometimes, you know you're in love the second you lock eyes, and other times, you don't know you're in love until months or even years later. Whatever the case, relationships unfold in their own time.

Elite Daily asked 15 people what love at first sight felt like to them, and what they said is so, so real.

I just knew.
From the moment our eyes met, it was love at first sight— I immediately knew that they were the one for me.


I felt the depth of a relationship all at once.
First time I saw my husband it was like I felt the depth, length and importance of our entire relationship all at once. It was very overwhelming. Everyone else I dated had a shallowness feeling to our relationship like I could feel the end before it even began.


Time stood still.
It felt like time stood still and I was wrapped in bliss. I wanted nothing more than to be with him. We were engaged a few months later.


I was hit with emotion.
It feels like you got slapped in the face by emotions that make no sense, especially if you're not an emotional person.


I felt true happiness.
The feeling of true happiness, in your heart and in your pants.


We could talk about anything.
Like you found someone with whom you can talk about the silliest subjects and they'd still want to kiss you.


It was meant to be.
I just know when I saw her I felt like 'Who is that?!' It felt like I’d known her all my life and like she was meant to be in my life.


It felt comfortable.
Fell in love at first sight with my girlfriend now when I first saw her nearly nine years ago. When I saw her, I remember this feeling of familiarity, like I had known her or felt comfortable with her already, and I had never met her before, even at this point, I had only seen her across the office and it was a few hours before we actually met.


I felt like a teenager again.
"After a 10 year relationship ended, I went on vacation and saw a girl working at a pizza joint. She was mildly flirty (or just being nice, I couldn't judge at that point). Got a slice the next day, she remembered my name, we made some jokes, got a slice the last day I was there and again more smiles and little jokes. But man, the second I saw her it was like I was 15 again. I literally felt like I was in love in 30 seconds.


They felt familiar.
When he spoke there was something eerily calming and familiar about him. I'm not really into metaphysical constructs but something in the pit of my stomach told me that this guy was something special, perhaps even the one.


I'd trade a paycheck to experience it again.
I'd trade a paycheck to have that sensation again. I can't express it in words, but the feeling was so intense, it was like Zeus sent a thunderbolt up me. I had to use meditative breathing techniques to calm down after seeing her.


We had an instant connection.
Something hit me what I saw this guy. It wasn't his looks, just a huge instant connection when we just locked eyes for a while. It was like we already knew each other.


It gave me a warm and safe feeling.
It was a warm and safe feeling, almost like we knew each other for years. We got married 20 days after meeting.


It felt like I'd taken a long plane ride to see them.
If you've ever done a long haul flight to see someone you care about and haven't seen in a while, it's like that, but the long haul flight was your entire life up to that point. It's an inexplicable sense of excitement and weird feeling that you've known this person forever, and everything so far has just been the tediously long journey to meet them in the arrivals lounge.


It felt like meeting someone from a past life.
It's almost as if you're meeting someone from a past life. I was transfixed, almost stuck by the confusing mixture of emotions but weirdly comforted by them — all at the same time.


Whether you lock eyes across a crowded room and just know, or you instantly feel connected with a new cutie, love at first sight can be amazing. Of course, everyone is different. And when it comes to falling in love, you get to write your own story on your own timeline.