Here's What Drake & Bad Bunny's "Mia" Lyrics Mean, In Case You Were Wondering

by Jamie LeeLo

If there is one thing Drake fans love more than Drake rapping, it's Drake rapping in Spanish. His new hit track "Mia" with Bad Bunny is catchy AF, whether you want to have it stuck in your head or not. The entire song is in Spanish, so folks who don't speak the language are left singing along with the chorus and that's about it. Non-bilingual fans might be wondering what do the "Mia" lyrics mean? Well, would you believe me if I told you they were really romantic? Probably, because Drake is a notorious softy, but still. These words are deep, man.

While we all know Drake's from the predominantly French and English speaking country of Canada, Spanish suits him. According to Billboard, he last sang in Spanish in 2014 with Romeo Santos in the song "Odio." That song was also about love. What can the man say? He's a lover, not a fighter.

"Mia" is basically one giant territorial proclamation to a mystery lover. The chorus line everyone knows is, "Dile que tú eres mía, mía / Tú sabe' que eres mía, mía." It translates to: "Tell them that you are mine, mine / You know you are mine, mine."

Oh, feisty.

Here's the music video to play along with the translation below!

Now, here are the English lyrics:

Yeah / Everyone is waiting for you / But you are mine / Making them hate me more / Because everyone wants to try with you / What they do not know is that you do not get carried away by anyone / And everyone wants to try with you / What they do not know is that today I'm going to look for you / Yeah, Yeah
Tell them that you are mine, mine / You know you are mine, mine / You said it yourself / When I did it to you

Bad Bunny's verse is just as smooth as what you've come to expect from Drake.

Baby, I'm a fan of your walk / I give you everything, even my breathing / With you I see everything as spiral / I want to take pictures of ourselves and go viral / Your eyes concentrate me / With you I put on the overall / I touch you and the whole world stops spinning / No death will stop us / Baby, I'm only yours / Say you're going with me / Stop throwing you / That nobody is going to touch you
I am your Romeo, but not Santo / To these idiots with the forty I threat / They love me since I sing / But I am yours

See what I mean? They went and brought Romeo into this! The song is equal parts cocky and sensual, which is right in Drake's sweet spot. I mean, the guy calls himself "Champagnepapi." Not just anyone can pull that off, ya know?