10 Trendy Gifts Millennials Actually Want For Their Birthday That You Probably Didn't Think Of

To someone on the outside looking in, they may not understand how millennials are able to send so many texts in the matter of a few minutes, the true hype about social media, their love for taking spontaneous trips, or their passion for spending money on unique experiences. It's all second nature to me or you, but it leaves other generations asking questions like, "What do millennials want for their birthday?" To those people, let me lend a helping hand, because the best and trendiest gifts on the market probably haven't crossed your mind quite yet.

From my own experience, I can tell you that anyone I know who wasn't born in or around the '90s doesn't understand the obsession with Polaroid cameras and avocado toast. I've had to explain light leaks and how being a social media influencer can turn into an amazing career a thousand times, if not more.

Sure, I could complain about having to respond to comments about my ripped jeans, or taking extra time before I eat to take a picture of my food. But, I'd rather get you involved in millennial culture, so that, if nothing else, you can pick out the perfect gift. Consider these 10 items to be trendy, tried, and true — and exactly what you need to buy for your millennial's birthday.

A Colorful Instant Camera
Urban Outfitters

First things first: You can never go wrong with a colorful instant camera. It's one of the trendiest products on the market right now. It allows the millennial in your life to take pictures during their favorite adventures, and later on, put them in a cute frame. This gift won't break the bank, either, and end up being worth more than a thousand words.

A Game From The '90s
Urban Outfitters

I can't stress this enough: Millennials love that they grew up in the '90s. It was arguably the best decade to be in elementary or middle school, because slap bracelets and scrunchies were in style, and you'd come home to the best cartoons playing on your television screen. So, give a nostalgic gift, like this Rugrats Monopoly game, and know it's a perfect blast into the past. Got it? Good.

A Social Media Guide
Jaci Marie

In my opinion, Instagram and creating #content is one of the best things to come out of millennial culture. It gives an entire generation a creative outlet, and somewhere to express themselves or build their own business.

This year, for your millennial's birthday, help them invest in themselves and their arsty side. Pick them up a social media guide, even if it's a digital copy, and encourage them to grow their online presence and community.

A Cute Succulent Planter

A millennial's life would totally succ without their plants. Just take one quick look around their apartment, and you'll likely notice that there's an ivy in one room, and a bunch of little sprouts sitting on the kitchen window, too. Take a second glance, and you'll notice that they're in pretty average pots, and could use a serious upgrade. Can I suggest a cute succulent planter that's shaped like an elephant or llama? Sweet!

A Cookbook For Avocados

Full disclosure: I made avocado toast this morning. But, I know I'm not the only one. Odds are, there are a bunch of other millennials who spread a thin layer of this superfood on their bread before heading off to work or school. They probably thought to themselves, "I wonder what else you could make with an avocado." Well, all of the answers are in this cookbook for avocados that would make the best birthday gift.

A Juicer And Reusable Straws

You don't have to be a millennial to absolutely love and appreciate kitchen appliances. But, millennials will be the first to tell you that juicers are the underrated machine that you might not even know about. Essentially, they take fresh ingredients in your fridge, squeeze and blend them, and create refreshing drinks for you to have any time of the day. Grab one online, (with a pack of reusable straws, of course) to make your millennial's birthday extra special.

A Travel Mug For Cold Brew

Millennials are always on the go. They're rushing from a group project meeting to a coffee date, and then leaving for an exciting trip to the other side of the world. (Seriously, I'm not even kidding!) What slows them down, though, is a lack of cold brew. They need their caffeine with them, wherever they go. And that's where this travel mug comes in.

A Tray For Bubble Baths

This generation has recently become part of the "real world." They've found their first apartments and figured out how to create a budget. Even though they're handling the adulting game well, they deserve to sit back, relax, and take a bubble bath. A bath tray or caddy would be a handy gift, because it allows them to soak with their favorite book or a scented candle. (Actually, can you get me one of these, please?)

A Cozy, Chic Throw Blanket

Next to bubble baths, facials, and the occassional pedicure, millennials love treating themselves to time in bed. It's the best way to hit that virtual refresh button, and get caught up on their favorite shows. I always give myself an afternoon on the weekends to cuddle up with an oversized blanket and watch reruns of New Girl.

A Book On Astrology And Zodiac Signs
Barnes & Noble

Last but not least, this generation loves believing in forces that are bigger than themselves — planets and energies that are out of this world. And lucky for you and them, there are tons of books on astrology and zodiac signs that you can buy as a birthday gift. It'll show the millennial in your life that you care about their interests and passions, and want them to have the very best day ever. I bet you didn't think about this gift, huh? Well, that's what I'm here for!