The Meaning Behind GOT7's "(Will You) Trust Me" Lyrics Will Have You Answering "Yes!"

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It's comeback time! If you know anything about the K-Pop world, you know that it's basically like Christmas to fans of any K-Pop group that's having one. It's when they give fans a new album, single, music video, choreography, and concept to obsess over. Right now, GOT7 is making their comeback with their new album, Spinning Top, and their fans are eating all the new content right up. All of the songs on the album are swoon-worthy, like the title track, "Eclipse," obviously, but a good number of fans are paying attention to "Trust Me," which GOT7 member BamBam helped compose and write the lyrics for, adding to the special meaning behind the song. While some of the lyrics are in English, knowing the translation of the Korean lyrics helps give a better picture of the song as a whole. So, what do GOT7's "(Will You) Trust Me" lyrics mean?

The entire song is basically about trusting your partner through thick and thin. I'll break the track down verse by verse to help you fully understand the theme. (Fans can thank @iGot7_Markp for translating the Korean lyrics to English and posting them to Twitter! You can check them out here.)

The first verse goes:

You're finally coming to me / If you're not here I'm lonely / If you're not here I'm nothing / We gotta keep on get going / It took a long time to find you / Feels like God brought you to me / On and on / On and on
You think about my love again I know babe / A man that cares about you baby that's me / Oh baby song with sincerity this is your song / You better know I never let you down / Doesn't matter if anyone tries stopping us / Love again we'll love again love til we die / All day and night / You and me you and me in the universe
Even if I'm not perfect is it OK? / Please love a man like me alright / Even if I make a mistake baby is it OK? / Will you be the person who will comfort me

Wow, it sounds like GOT7 is singing directly to someone. The song's lyrics are serious and they perfectly represent what the album is all about, which is "security and insecurity within oneself." You can see this more in the chorus, which goes:

Trust me will you trust me / Wake up from now you'll never be alone / Trust me will you trust me / On and on you will know / Love flows in my body / Baby no baby don't / I can see the color of you

I'm totally obsessed with the chorus and its message of undying trust, which is strengthened in the second verse, which goes:

Trust me and take my hand girl you know it / We don't have no time to play / I got you baby no worries / I will always be by your side / Don't know what it is that I like you this much / Without any reason I just want you / Don't you know that yeah / We look good together yeah / We chose each other / The road that you will walk together with me / So that you won't regret I'll do my best

The song closes out with the following lyrics:

Will you just trust me and follow me / Don't need to worry / Even if I'm not perfect is it OK? / Will you be the person who will comfort me? / Trust me will you trust me? / Wake up from now you'll never be alone / Shine light upon me I want to shine light upon you

I'm so happy that BamBam got a chance to show off his songwriting and composing talents in this song, because it all came out really beautifully.

You can check out the song below!

Other members of GOT7, like JB (known as Defsoul in the song credits), had the opportunity to work on some of the other tracks on Spinning Top, including the title track, "Eclipse," which is a total banger, by the way.

To see GOT7 perform these new songs live, make sure to catch them on their Keep Spinning world tour!