The Meaning Behind GOT7's "Time Out" Will Make You Want To Get Away From All The Noise

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GOT7's last comeback was in March 2018, so you can imagine the excitement the group's fans the Aghases felt when GOT7 returned with their new album, Spinning Top. The album features seven songs, including "1°," "Eclipse," "End," "Time Out," "Trust Me," "Page," and "Eclipse (inst)." While most fans right now are obsessing over the title track, "Eclipse," I can't help but listen to "Time Out." When GOT7 said their new album “delivers a universal theme of both security and insecurity within oneself," I didn't know what they meant, but after listening to "Time Out," I can say that I definitely understand their message a lot more than I did, well, before the album came out. So, what do GOT7's "Time Out" lyrics mean? I got all the info for you right here.

Coming in at track number four, "Time Out" is the perfect song to represent the album. Although not as upbeat as the title track, it does a good job of delivering the album's message of battling feelings between security and insecurity, since it seems like it's about needing a break from the grind of life.

The lyrics have fans lost in their feelings, and I'm here to break the song down. GOT7 fan @igot7_MarkP translated the words into English for her fellow Aghases.

It was broken down like this:

For today now let's stop yeah yeah yeah

Why is it like this from the morning yeah yeah yeah

There's nothing going like how want no no no

Put your worries away for a moment ah yeah

You can't get everything that you want that easily

But for now I need a time out

For a moment I want to stop thinking and forget about it

Put your worries away for a moment ah yeah

I want to leave for a moment on a flight mode

Everything is scary in a jungle

I'm sick of it, it's so twisted

Give me a break so that I can forget all about it

Came here without a break every day

Maybe from a place higher up I might be the same

I'm curious what I will become

Anxiety coming in my mind stop, stop it

That place where I can reach

Able to reach or not it's risky

I want to give my complicated mind a rest

Yeah Oh I need a time out

Time out

Every day I'm on focus

I dream even in reality

No matter what others say I keep going

Don't worry on my way

All useless words don't listen

Cuz all wanna do is keep on moving

Don't think twice

What I want will do it my way

You cant get what you want that easily

But for now I need a time out

For a moment I want to stop thinking and forget about

Put your worries away for a moment ah yeah

Stop worrying let's do it together time out

Yea I need a time out

Listen to it here!:

"Time Out" is definitely a stand-out song on the album, in my opinion, and the lyrics explain it all. Thankfully, GOT7 fans won't have to wait long to hear "Time Out" and other songs from Spinning Top live in concert, as the group will begin their Keep Spinning world tour in Seoul on June 15 and 16, before heading off to North America for concerts in Newark, Toronto, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Oakland. If you want to see GOT7 perform "Time Out" live, make sure to buy your tickets to their tour now!