GOT7's 'Spinning Top' Tracklist Is Here To Get You Even More Hype For Their Comeback

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As it inches closer and closer to May 20 the day GOT7 will drop a new album and music video the K-Pop group continues to give their fans, the Aghases, snippets of what they can expect when the group makes their comeback next week. From releasing teaser photos to videos to even dropping a set of tour dates, GOT7 has seriously hyped their fans up for some new music. If that wasn't enough, the group has now surprised fans by releasing the tracklist for their upcoming album Spinning Top. GOT7's Spinning Top tracklist reveals a lot of info about their upcoming comeback, including the title of their next single and who wrote it.

On Monday, May 13th, just one week before the group releases their new album, GOT7 shared the tracklist for Spinning Top. The tracklisting reveals the following song titles: "1°," "Eclipse," "End," "Time Out," "Trust Me," "Page," and "Eclipse (inst)."

Out of the seven tracks, the title single will be *drum roll, please* "Eclipse." Sounds mysterious, right? Even after the group explained that their album “delivers a universal theme of both security and insecurity within oneself," I have no clue what it means, but I'm sure Aghases are cooking up some interesting theories right about now.

A few of the GOT7 members took part in writing and composing some of the tracks, but under different stage names, so bear with me as I try to explain them.According to the group's tracklist info, GOT7 member Defsoul (also known as JB) and J.Y. Park, the CEO of JYP (the group's label), helped write the lyrics for "Eclipse." JB, Jinyoung, and Bambam are also credited for contributing to several of the other tracks on the album, including "End," "Trust Me," "Page," and "Eclipse (inst)." All three members are known for writing and composing the group's songs, as they did for GOT7's last comeback, which was all the way back in March 2018. Yup, it's definitely been a minute since GOT7 released new music.

Check out the complete tracklist for Spinning Top below.

Alright, now that fans have the complete tracklist in their hands, all that's left to do is wait for May 20, right? Wrong.

Last week, GOT7 announced their Keep Spinning world tour dates, which go on sale on Friday, May 17 (I know, so soon). The tour has 17 stops in total, starting with two shows in Seoul on June 15 and 16, five in North America throughout June and July in Newark, Toronto, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Oakland, and a number of other shows in cities such as Hong Kong, Amsterdam, London, and more.

Ever since GOT7 announced their world tour, they have been including the words, "06.15-16 GRAND START OF WORLD TOUR," in all of their tweets about their comeback, and yes, I do mean all of them. The countdown has fans really excited to see what the guys bring for their tour this time around, as well as which of their new songs will be part of the tour setlist. But, since the tour won't begin for another month, I'll just be here counting down the days (and hours) until GOT7 drops Spinning Top and their new single, "Eclipse."

(Correction: An earlier version of this post referred to J.Y. Park as a GOT7 member Jinyoung Park. It has been updated to reflect that J.Y. Park is the CEO of JYP Entertainment of the same name.)