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The Meaning Behind BTS' "Heartbeat" Is All About Love & Destiny

by Jamie LeeLo
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

For ARMYs following along at home, you've probably already dived head first into BTS World. It's J-Hope, Jimin, Jungkook, RM, V, Jin, and Suga's new game that allows players to take on the role of BTS' manager which is definitely a shared dream all ARMYs have. To make things more fun, the game comes with its own soundtrack featuring sub-unit music created by the gang. Thanks to this new tracklist, fans are now asking the question — What do BTS "Heartbeat" lyrics mean? Oh, you just wait.

As with every BTS song, "Heartbeat" is extremely intentional. For one thing, the BTS World soundtrack's title track is serving as somewhat of a special prize for ARMYs who can get ahead in the game. Right now, it's only available exclusively in the game for two days after users reach Chapter 1, Mission 14, at which point players can listen to it in the game's lobby up until the whole BTS World OST drops on June 28 (when the whole album, including seven theme songs for each member, will drop on Spotify).

Twitter user @peachBOY_0613 translated the lyrics into the following words after hearing the song within the game. However, they noted that: "Last line of the first verse is missing and RM’s verse possibly has many mistakes, we just listened by ear," adding that a final translation will be coming when the song drops in its entirety (so keep an eye out!).

The first part of the song clearly talks about being overwhelmingly heartsick for someone.

It leaves me feeling sea sick baby / It seems that the dream-like reality's depth gives it to me / It spins me round and drives me crazy / It seems that i'm like the moon that rose at noon / If I had been alone / If maybe I had cried / I may have given up
But my heart's still on fire / With a burning desire / I will find you again / Like destiny
I wish that you would love me / Just like yesterday, again / Without letting go of this hand / And every time my heart beats / Match your step with me again, so that I don't wander anymore
I feel destiny you you you you you / I feel destiny me me me me me
When you hear my heartbeat baby / You give me new life you give me new birth / I feel your heartbeat away / I've been losing my mind / I've been driving my shine / And maybe for you I wasn't ready made me / But you designated me and you resumed me / I've been calling your name in this universe / (Now I need no space) / Got universe done

The second half repeats quite a bit circling back to the lyrics about feeling destiny and the "I wish that you would love me" magic. But another verse goes on:

Having met you / Feels like one piece of a drama / That was created by this universe / Countless wanderings / Roaming that I couldn't see the end of
You who will guide me out of this labyrinth / You are my light and my salvation / Until the end of this labyrinth / I don't want to let go of your hand

I don't know about you, but any song that includes the word "labyrinth" is pretty intense in my book. I'll wait while you go tattoo the lyrics on your rib cage...

If you're not playing BTS World, you'll still have to wait until Friday to listen to "Heartbeat," but at least you know what the song's message is all about!

In the meantime, BTS World gamers are going wild helping the seven virtual BTS members grow and shine. Fascinatingly enough, the game takes place in 2012 before BTS became the beloved music sensation they are today. In fact, the BTS World press release explained:

Players will encounter various missions where they will select certain BTS member cards to clear the mission and progress through the game. Collecting and upgrading these cards will open up even more stories along the way, and players will be able to interact virtually with BTS in the game through a 1:1 interactive system.

Honestly, what haven't these boys thought of? Between their annual two-week anniversary celebration BTS FESTA, ARMYpedia.net, which allows users to collect and share memories, to their collaboration fashion line BT21 x Uniqlo, there's hardly an industry the boys haven't mastered. And, that's not even including their championship of the music industry.

Thankfully, BTS World's tunes like "Heartbeat" create the perfect soundtrack to listen to while ARMYs watch the boys take over the world. So, keep it coming, guys. Everything you touch turns to gold!