A home decorated like the Evil Queen shows what a Disney villain's home would look like in 2019.
Here's What Your Fave Disney Villains' Homes Would Look Like Today

Instead of singing about being part of someone else's world, you're totally cool doing your own thing in your lair. You may just be looking to give your space a trendy makeover. Interior design startup Modsy already redesigned the homes from some of your favorite Halloween movies, and now it's showcasing what Disney villains' homes would look like in 2019.

If you haven't checked out Modsy yet, it's a really useful online resource where you can plan out any interior design ideas you have in mind. Modsy lets you envision what your new space can look like by letting you add furniture to a 3D version of your home. If you don't know where to begin, Modsy can even provide you with some serious design inspiration.

This year for Halloween 2019, the startup is showcasing what some of your favorite Disney villains' homes would look like if you could visit them in real life right now. As a hardcore Disney lover, you may wish you had a castle of your own so you could design each room to resemble a different Disney character. But until that happens, these designs can hold you over and might give you ideas of giving your place a makeover.

Ursula From 'The Little Mermaid'

If Ursula has been your favorite Disney villain since day one, let her assist granting you your home decor wishes with a space that looks like her underwater lair. Consider adding some sea touches to your bedroom with a plush blue bed that looks like a seashell ($2,498–$2,798, and a glass chandelier that looks like bubbles ($418.99,

Evil Queen From 'Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs'

If you want the fairest room of all, take some decor inspo from the Evil Queen's regal space. Get this brass crown ($21.75, to add an Evil Queen touch to your dresser, and a cool snake and apple pillow for your bed or couch. Fill your space with a ton of whimsy mirrors that you can ask daily if your place is "the fairest one of all."

Cruella De Vil From 'One Hundred And One Dalmatians'

If you're here for the red, white, and black color scheme, this place that's inspired by Cruella de Vil may give you some ideas for your upgrading your own space. Consider covering your windows with dark red velvet curtains ($25.99,, and complete the look with a cozy faux fur snow leopard throw ($99.95,

Captain Hook From 'Peter Pan'

If you're thinking a pirate's life is for you, you might want to take inspo from Captain Hook. An antique telescope ($236.99, or something of the like will automatically give your room a nautical theme. Even though Captain Hook hated the sound of clocks, you can incorporate a wall clock into your decor that looks just like the one inside the crocodile.

Jafar From 'Aladdin'

If your favorite Disney movie growing up was Aladdin, you may love this Jafar-themed place. These cobra tea light candle wall sconces ($39.95, are almost too perfect for words — they look just like Jafar's snake staff — and a white sand hourglass ($39.95, is another great touch.