This Sneaker Is The New "Dress" & Its Colors Are Breaking The Internet

by Brenda Santana
Tristan Fewings/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Do you remember "The Dress"? No, I'm not talking about the green Versace dress Jennifer Lopez rocked at the 2000 Grammy Awards. I'm referring to "The Dress" that drove the internet mad back in 2015 because no one could figure out if it was white and gold or black and blue. Well, we now have another article of clothing that is tearing the internet apart, and it's a Vans sneaker. You will be asking yourself, "What color is this Vans sneaker?" once you see the photo that's tearing the internet apart.

This polarizing picture was posted to Twitter on Oct. 11 by Twitter user @TFILDOLANS. The post already counts on seven thousand likes, three thousand retweets, and hundreds of comments from users who can't believe we are still having the same discussion... two years after the dress. Many different variables factor into what colors you see, but it ultimately boils down to how the photo is edited. Unfortunately, the Twitter post has become unavailable by the time of publication, but the picture has also been shared on Instagram.

The Vans sneaker in question has many wondering whether it is teal and gray or pink and white. I honestly see teal and gray because those are the obvious colors the sneaker appears to have. See the picture below (which is the same shoe shown in the original tweet), and tell me what you think.

Come on, the sneaker is definitely teal and gray, but lets see what the people have to say about it.

Honestly, who knows what's real or what's not anymore.

How Sway? It is obviously teal and gray — stop confusing me!


Yeah, maybe in an alternate universe those Vans are pink and white, but here on Earth, they are definitely teal and gray.

"Teal & grey people who see pink and white are gone loco"

I have never agreed with a tweet more!

Well, I definitely see teal and gray too, but the verdict is in — and guess what? The shoe is actually pink and white. See the proof below.

"It’s originally pink & white, the flash & bad quality camera is what makes appear teal & grey or pink & white."

Apparently, the photo's coloring has been altered and the quality of the photo also makes it appear teal and gray. But that isn't the case, because supposedly, these sneakers are actually pink and white. Vans sneaker aside, this isn't the first time the color of an article of clothing tore the internet apart.

A few months ago, a Nike women's outfit had people scratching their heads. People couldn't figure out whether the adorable athleisure get up was pink and white or teal and gray. What color do you see?

Well, after much back and forth, a store out of Memphis, Tennessee named BiNorth Collection claimed they actually sold the outfit at their stores. The company assured all of those scratching their heads trying to figure out what color it was that the OOTD was actually blue and gray.

But we can't forget to mention the infamous Dress that drove masses of people around the world crazy trying to figure out whether the dress was gold and white or blue and black. The photo was originally posted to Tumblr and the majority of people who saw the dress swore it was gold and white (me being one of them). Like most of these viral memes, the original photo of the dress had been doctored and the dress was in fact blue and black. Who knew?

These memes trying to figure out what color an article of clothing is are always a welcomed distraction. But please, no more in 2017!

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