These 4 Mutable Zodiac Signs Are The Most Open To Change

Some people force interesting things to happen. Some would rather keep everything as it is. Others? Well, they're busy going with the flow, knowing they'll be happy either way. With so much versatility guiding their personalities, they can adapt to any situation and make beauty out of whatever they're going through. They're resilient. They're adventurous. They're mutable, and what are the mutable zodiac signs, you're probably wondering? It basically means they're someone born under the influence of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces, and it all has to do with something called a "quality" in astrology.

In essence, a "quality" describes the shape and function of a certain zodiac sign's overall energy, and there happen to be three different qualities: "cardinal," "fixed," and "mutable." Do any of these pedantic words sound familiar? If you've ever flipped through a book about astrology or clicked through Elite Daily's horoscope section, you've probably noticed them. So, where do qualities come from? They're each rooted in the cycle of our four seasons. A season always begins when the sun enters a cardinal sign, which is why cardinal energy is so motivating and forceful. When the sun enters a fixed sign, you've begun to settle down, make plans, and commit to something. You've entered the third act of a season once the sun is in a mutable sign. This is when you let go of all your work and see what happens. You're opening yourself up to change, because change is around the corner once the next season begins. It's a gorgeous cycle, isn't it?

Mutable signs see life as a playground and believe there's no point in remaining rigid. Why not let go and let the universe take over?

Gemini: An Adaptable And Charismatic Personality

Once the sun enters Gemini, it's officially the last few weeks of spring. Gemini is all about keeping an open mind and never remaining too married to an idea. Being a mutable air sign, Gemini is all about remaining intellectually adaptable, which makes them brilliant communicators who can walk into a room and dazzle everyone. Their dual-sided nature always serves them in their social surroundings. Their mutable quality makes them highly absorbent to new information and random facts, and you can always trust a Gemini to know a little bit about everything.

Virgo: An Efficient Creator And Investigator

You're coming towards the end of summer when the sun enters Virgo and it makes so much sense. After all, the end of summer is all about getting ready to head back to school, and Virgo exudes this practical mutability. Being an earth sign, Virgo is all about making concrete plans and concocting the most productive and competent techniques. They're highly skilled at coming up with a method that works, no matter how messy or disorganized the situation may be. That's where a Virgo's mutable nature comes in. They can also deconstruct concepts and get to the bottom of it through analysis.

Sagittarius: A Collector Of Experiences And Adventures

When I think of Sagittarius, I think of a pirate setting sail in the open sea. I think of a wedding crasher looking to have a good time. I think of a philosopher living in a forest to gain wisdom. This epitomizes Sagittarius' mutability, because it just so happens to be mutable fire. This element is all about self-expression and external exploration, which is why a Sagittarius can never sit still for too long. They've always got the next destination in mind. This zodiac sign is responsible for all the excitement at the end of the autumn season as you participate in all the holiday festivities.

Pisces: An Empathetic And Imaginative Explorer

The astrological year comes to an end when the sun enters Pisces. You've learned so much through each phase of the zodiac, and now, you're ready to let it all go and reach a higher level of spirituality. Pisces captures this spiritual and intuitive mutability. These are the dreamers, the artists, the feelers, and they adventure through multiple worlds through their vivid imaginations. Being water signs, Pisces has a level of empathy that's through the roof and it's what helps them relate to people who are nothing like them. Whatever you're feeling, the Pisces next to you will likely be feeling it too.