Warby Parker Is Donating $1 Million To Organizations Combating Racial Injustice

Interim Archives/Archive Photos/Getty Images

After the killing of George Floyd by a white Minneapolis police officer on May 25, protests condemning police brutality and racial injustice have broken out across the globe. Many brands have released statements in support of the protests, and some have rightfully taken their support of the movements even further. Recently, Warby Parker pledged to donate $1 million to organizations focused on ending racial injustice.

“We stand in solidarity in the fight against racism and inequality. We are heartbroken and angered by how pervasive hatred and racial injustice still are in the country,” the eyewear brand said in an Instagram post on June 1. “In the spirit of our ongoing commitment to social innovation and inspiring change, we are pledging $1 million to organizations and initiatives focused on combating systematic racism.”

At the time of this writing on June 2, Warby Parker hasn’t revealed exactly which organizations it will be donating to, but the brand says a full list will be released soon. "Our ultimate goal is to ensure these funds are distributed to groups that will drive meaningful impact toward combating systemic racism. We will share more details on our approach once it's finalized,” it said in response to a comment asking for more details.

Many people are understandably calling for companies to donate monetary aid, rather than just make blanket statements of solidarity, and Warby Parker joins a growing list of brands showing concrete support in the fight against racial injustice. On May 30, Glossier pledged to donate $1 million to Black-focused charities. ColourPop, NYX, Puma, and other brands have also pledged to donate to bail funds, Black Lives Matter, and other organizations focused on ending systematic racism and helping those protesting.

As of June 1, the Minnesota Freedom Fund has raised more than $20 million to help protestors in police custody. With reports circulating of police using batons, tear gas, and rubber bullets against protestors and the countless deaths of black people at the hands of police, people have to take active action for change to come. If you’re looking for ways to help, consider donating to one of the many charities listed here if you have the means. To further voice your support, considering signing the #JusticeForFloyd petition, the Stand with Bre petition, a petition for justice for Tony McDade. Be sure to educate yourself on the many resources available to you to learn to be a better ally to Black people.