Walmart’s color-changing reusable cold cups are less than $5.

You Can Get These Cute Color-Changing Cold Cups At Walmart For Under $5

Walmart is jumping on the bandwagon as color-changing tumblers, which switch hues upon contact with cold liquid, quickly shape up to be one of this summer's hottest buys. Customers who've been unlucky finding Starbucks' latest collection of reusable cups are in luck, because the grocery chain has rolled out its own covetable version for just a fraction of the cost. Walmart’s color-changing reusable cold cup tumblers four-pack comes in your choice of seasonal patterns or bright solid colors, giving your sips of choice a seriously 'Gram-worthy vessel for when patio season hits.

Color-changing cold cups have blown up in popularity ever since Starbucks first used the technology for its summer merch line back in 2019. While the coffee giant brought back the trend with an all-new five-cup collection of hue-changing containers in May 2020, the cups tend to sell out quickly and are notoriously hard to get a hold of.

Luckily, Walmart is getting in on the game with two different four-packs of color-changing cups from the brand Tal — and each of these packs are retailing for just $4.98, as compared to the Starbucks cups' $18.95 price tag.

In addition to the competitive price point, it looks like Walmart's line is pretty comparable to its Starbucks counterparts. For one, the reusable cups are also sized at 24 ounces and feature a straw and removable cap. The colors are slightly different, as the Tal line appears to be more neon-hued with a bright hot pink that turns blue when it comes into contact with cold liquid, a lime green that turns aqua, a baby blue that turns lilac purple, and an orange that turns royal blue.


Unlike the Starbucks cups, there's also a four-pack of patterned tumblers with the same color scheme as the solid ones. In addition to a couple of different repeating designs, there's a cup that reads "Eat. Beach. Sleep. Repeat."

Considering the price and the fun designs of the Walmart line, it's unsurprising that these cups are flying off the shelves and appear to already be sold out at a number of locations. While availability varies by zip code, it appears there is limited stock in many stores, according online inventory checker BrickSeek. Elite Daily reached out to Walmart for comment on any plans to restock this summer, but did not hear back by the time of publication — but the company says inventory is always changing.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like these cups are currently available for pick-up or delivery, but you can enter in your zip code on Walmart's website and it'll tell you where to find the closest store still carrying the cups. If possible, you might want to look at the online inventory checker to make sure they're still carrying them before you make your grocery run. According to CDC guidance as of May 11, you should only go to the store for essential items and avoid unnecessary trips as much as possible. If you know you'll come into contact with other people, you should practice social distancing and wear a face covering over your nose and mouth. As always, stay home if you're feeling sick or displaying symptoms of coronavirus.

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