You Can Win This Luxe Private Island For An Entire Week With Your Girls

When you think of luxury, what comes to mind? For me, it's fancy hotels in the middle of Manhattan and a wardrobe full of designer clothes. It's the ability to hop on a private jet to anywhere in the world, at any given time. It's comfy hotel robes, and soaking in hot tubs at lavish resorts. You're thinking, "Girl, my definition of luxury is basically the same. Where can I get slice of that?" Well, thanks to VRBO's Win the Island Sweepstakes, you and your girls can be served this lifestyle on a silver platter — a week on a private island, and then some.

Now, you're daydreaming about the tropics. You're scrolling through social media for pictures of palm trees, and online shopping for bathing suits. The winter weather is going strong outside, but that's not really on your radar. Your laptop screen is covered in saturated sunsets and white sandy beaches. Who cares about the mountains of snow piling up on the other side of your window?

Truth is, more than ever before, you could use a getaway. Since the new year began, you've been working so hard on your resolutions and making sure that you do something on your grand to-do list every day. Living a life of luxury for an entire week has to be in your cards, or maybe even in your plans for the near future.

It can be! VRBO, a travel website where you can rent vacation homes, condos, and cabins, is offering you and seven of your girls the trip of a lifetime. You just have to enter and win their latest sweepstakes — for a private island full of luxurious amenities, beautiful days spent at the beach, and not a sweater or snowflake in sight.

What is VRBO's Win the Island Sweepstakes?


Here's everything you need to know: VRBO's Win the Island Sweepstakes lets you and seven of your girls, best travel buddies, or family members experience the private Kanu Island for yourselves. Located off the coast of Placencia, Belize, the island is full of super luxurious amenities and dreamy spots to retreat to in the middle of winter. Quiet beachfronts, gourmet food, and lots of space for lounging? Yes, please!

According to the press release via HomeAway, the contest winners will receive the most incredible package, curated by VRBO in partnership with Vision Properties Belize. It includes: a $5,000 travel stipend; living in the island's five beach homes for a whole week; ocean views wherever you look; and complete access to white sand and waves. In addition, there will be a personal concierge, private chef, and massage therapist on site. So, you can get fully relaxed and rejuvenated before coming back to the "real world."

You can spend your morning swimming in the pool or reading a good book near the water, and your afternoon taking a nap in your quaint bungalow or under an umbrella and immense amount of palm trees. Let's get you signed up, shall we?

How can you enter VRBO's Win the Island Sweepstakes?


Entering this sweepstakes is super easy, which makes the experience even better. Simply go to the VRBO website and put in your name, email address, and date of birth under the Win the Island Sweepstakes. You'll be asked to accept the terms and conditions of the contest, before hitting "save" on your information. The sweepstakes is running through Feb. 28, so you have some time. But, don't wait! Take two minutes to enter, like right now — and be in the running for the ultimate package and a truly tropical stay.

Why is this luxurious private island perfect for you and your girls?

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The Kanu Island listing is exclusive to So, before you even enter the sweepstakes, you know that you're going to have an experience that you couldn't get anywhere else. Why is it so perfect for you and your girls, though? Two words: style and save.

As stated in the press release, this sweepstakes is just the beginning of a year of traveling with your big group of friends. VRBO is calling this their "Year of the Group Getaway," in recognition of travelers wanting to book big accommodations like castles and estates all over the world.

Ipsos for VRBO conducted a survey that found 44 percent of Americans who traveled in 2018 plan on booking trips with groups of four or more people in 2019. You may already have a few trips in the books that fit right in with this data. But, what you may not have realized is how much money you saved by traveling with all of your girlfriends.

Melanie Fish, VRBO's travel expert, mentioned via the press release that traveling big and luxuriously actually has some benefits for your bank account and overall experience. “While an island may sound out of reach, it’s surprising how super-sized accommodations like these can lower the rental cost per person dramatically," she said. "So you and your crew can stay in style without over-spending.”

Starting this summer, Kanu Island and its accommodations will be available to rent on VRBO. Entering and winning the Win the Island Sweepstakes gets you access to all the luxury before anyone else. But, please know that if you don't win, you'll still be able to book a dreamy stay here — and soon.

What other luxurious accomodations can you book with your girls using VRBO?

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Other than Kanu Island, there are a ton of other accommodations that you can book with your girls using VRBO. There's another private island in Stann Creek, Belize, with dreamy views. In addition, there's an artsy loft in Nashville, Tennessee, that's ideal for travelers who are looking to get a good 'Gram, listen to live music, and explore the city. Last but not least, you can book a stay at a villa near the Amalfi Coast in Italy, for a week of paradise and stunning panoramic views.

Lots of beauty all around the world awaits. And whether it's through winning a contest or booking a week to somewhere that's calling your name, I'm sure it'll be a serious upgrade from tackling your to-do lists, and live up to your definition of luxury.