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Uh Oh — Virgo Season Is Going To Be Rough For Air Signs

by Valerie Mesa

It's time to sort out your priorities, because Virgo season is in full session and it's high time to cultivate your divine authenticity. Governed by resourceful Mercury, Virgo season 2020 will be the worst for those with Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius placements, mainly because this season will shed light on the things they need to work on, both in their sexual and personal lives.

On Aug. 22, at exactly 11:45 a.m. ET, the sun will shift into Mercury-ruled Virgo and conclude its journey through its sign of rulership, Leo. While Leo season was warm, festive, and enthusiastic, Virgo season prefers to get right down to business. But before you get nervous, Virgo's mutable earth uses its cut-to-the-chase attitude to cultivate the courage and passion you obtained throughout Leo season. Even though this is a time to reap what you've sown, there is still more work for you to do. Ask yourself: How can I leverage my creativity and unique talents? What areas of my life could use some improvement? Finding the answers, and putting them to use, are some of Virgo's favorite things.

Something else to remember about this Mercury-ruled season: Virgo is the sign of the harvest. Earthy and intuitive, this astrological season serves as a reminder that autumn is just around the corner. It's no wonder Virgo season has everything to do with grounding.


With this information top of mind, here's why Virgo season will be challenging for Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius:

Gemini: You're Overthinking Things More Than Usual

You're fussy this season, Gemini. With the sun in Virgo beaming over your domestic fourth house of home, family, stability, and emotional experiences, you'll likely be stressing over at-home cleanliness and doing everything in your power to stay organized. The full moon in dreamy Pisces on Aug. 22 will ignite your career-driven tenth house of legacy, prestige, and professional reputation, bringing closure and clarity to your sense of authority in the world. Neptunian energy can be a bit evasive, so make sure you don't lose sight of the end goal. The good news is Mercury will enter your sister air sign, Libra, on Sept. 5, and this will caramelize your long-term vistas and add charm to your entrepreneurial ventures. Get organized so you can really thrive during Libra season.

Libra: You're In The Mood To Retreat And Lay Low

Listen to your body, Libra. The sun in Virgo will activate your secretive 12th house of privacy, spirituality, closure, karma, and all things behind the scenes this season, which means you'll likely be in an introspective mood during this time. This Mercury-ruled season will bring forth the opportunity for you to take a step back from your usual day-to-day due diligence and recharge. The full moon in mystical Pisces on Aug. 22 will ignite your orderly sixth house of health, daily duties, and acts of service, which means something in this area of your life needs to be acknowledged and/or readjusted. Your wellbeing will be a predominant focus this season.

Aquarius: You're Hyper-Focusing On Your Intimate Unions

How much is too much, Aquarius? Despite being a season to revel in the results of hard work and efficiency, Virgo energy can also feel a bit hypercritical and overly fussy when it comes to the details. Having said that, the sun in Virgo will ignite your erotic eighth house of sex, debt, shared resources, intimate unions, and transformation this season, which means there will be a magnifying glass over your commitments and energetic exchanges. Instead of critiquing everything in sight and overthinking everything you do, this is an opportunity for you to review the amount of energy you're giving versus what you've been getting in return. The full moon in universal Pisces will also bring closure and clarity to your pleasure-seeking second house of values, finances, and self-esteem. Pay attention to what's being brought to your conscious awareness.