If You've Been Craving Real Intimacy, It Could Be Thanks To Venus In Scorpio

by Valerie Mesa

So sultry! The goddess of love wraps up in charming Libra, and enters tantalizing Scorpio on Sept. 9. (Wait a second, did it just get hot all of sudden? Or is it just me?) Yep, you guessed it. Venus in Scorpio 2018 is here, and incase you haven't noticed, the intensity is through the roof, my fellow stargazers. Although, TBH, I might be totally bias, considering my Scorpio ascendant and undying love for Scorpio energy; however, this does NOT take away from the erotic beauty of Venus in Scorpio's BDE. Yes, I just said big d*ck energy, and you'll understand why once you're done reading this sexy piece of content. Speaking of which, let's talk a little bit about Venus in Scorpio, and its smoldering sensuality.

In astrology, Venus is the planet of that governs love, relationships, desires, abundance, pleasure, and prosperity overall. This planet's personality is likable, charming, and affectionate. Scorpio, on the other hand, is intense AF, passionate, and extreme, in every sense of the word. So, what happens when these two astrological energies become one? Well, for starters, we will start to desire depth, intensity, and experiences that affect us on a soul level. We will no longer go with the flow like we did with Venus in Libra. On the contrary, Scorpio is all or nothing, and with Venus here, we will experience raw passion.

Venus in Scorpio Vibes

Put it this way: Venus is the goddess of love and beauty, right? Well, imagine seductive Venus but with an erotic edge, and irresistible lure. (I like to paint the picture for you, so you can understand the planetary energy.) In Scorpio, it's as if the goddess Aphrodite morphed into a intoxicatingly gorgeous vampire. She is alluring, magnetic AF, and mysterious, but on the dark side, she can also be obsessive, vengeful, and extremely toxic.

Venus In Scorpio Love

In powerful Scorpio, the goddess of love expresses herself with deep passion and intensity. Venus in Scorpio is all-consuming, as it prefers love to be a merging of mind, body, and soul. Here, Venus adds charm to the dark side of our relationships, which isn't always charming, per se. For instance, jealousy, obsession, and vengeance are key themes of Venus in Scorpio energy. Although, one thing's for sure: this is a time to look beyond the surface in terms of our relationships.

Imagine, when in Scorpio, Venus desires the truth, and nothing but the truth. The planet of love wants to become one with its partner, despite all consequences. Like I previously mentioned, its all or nothing with Venus in Scorpio, and this could spark unnecessary drama within our current relationships. So, beware of toxic exes, friendships, and romantic partners that don't serve your highest purpose. Venus in Scorpio knows no mercy.

Venus In Scorpio Transit

This Venus in Scorpio transit is asking us to dig deeper, in terms of our spending habits, relationships, and self-worth. That said, here are few points to reflect on during this sexy transit:

  • Are your current relationships empowering you?
  • Is your partner being honest with you?
  • Do either of you keep unhealthy secrets from one another?
  • Where is your money going?
  • Where is your partner's money going?
  • Are you confident in your skin?
  • Does your partner truly make you feel good about yourself?

Despite how terrifying or creepy this all might sound, Scorpio is still part of the zodiac wheel, and we all have a little Scorpio in us, whether we like it or not. Life is cyclical, and sometimes it can get a little dark, but not to worry. Scorpio sheds its light on what's hidden, and for good reason. With that said, make sure to pay close attention during this Venus in Scorpio transit. The goddess of love is traveling through the underworld, and she's about to bring so many secrets to the light. Stay tuned, stargazers.