The Prospect Of Love Will Be At Its Peak When Venus Lands In Pisces

by Valerie Mesa

Once upon a time, in a land far away, across the oceans of Neptune, lived a magical goddess of love by the name of Aphrodite. Just kidding! This is not a fairytale, but Venus in Pisces 2019 will certainly feel like one, so prepare to be swept off your feet by this oh-so-magical transit. BTW, in all seriousness, despite Pisces' mystical Ever After fantasy fiction vibes, there's a whole lot more to this dreamy water sign than you think. So, before I give you the 411 on Venus in Pisces, let's swim through the ever-changing waters of enchanting Pisces and take a closer look at the world through Neptune's rose-colored glasses.

As you know, Neptune — planet of compassion, dreams, illusions, and subconscious realms — is Pisces' planetary ruler. I mean, it's no wonder those who are born under this sign are often recognized for their otherworldly persona and innate artistry. This is all thanks to dreamy Neptune, of course. However, in the midst of what feels like euphoric bliss, the energy of Neptune can also be incredibly deceptive, as this elusive planet rules of all things related to escapism, aka drugs and alcohol. Truth is, Neptune is anything but realistic, which is why Pisces has no trouble dreaming awake.

Something else I want to point out, Pisces is a symbol of universal love. It carries a piece of every zodiac sign that came before it, and its mutable energy is a representation of all that is. TBH, whenever I think of Pisces, I instantly think of The Beatles' song "I Am The Walrus." The lyrics "I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together," could not be more fitting for the essence of Pisces. Given that it is the 12th sign on the zodiac wheel, its energy also represents selflessness and sacrifice.

In the end, the all-encompassing energy of Pisces knows absolutely no boundaries. Now, even though "energy" isn't typically tangible, I mean that twice as much when referring to Pisces. What I mean by that is, Pisces isn't just one particular feeling, vibe, or essence. It is an embodiment of our divine oneness, and it's something that lives inside each and every one of us. For instance, you know that feeling you get whenever you listen to your favorite song? Or the sensation of butterflies fluttering all throughout your belly when you're falling in love? That is Pisces. I guess you could say it's invisible... but it's also very much alive.

Venus in Pisces: March 26 — April 20, 2019

For those of you who don't know, Venus is the planet of love, beauty, relationships, pleasure, and spending habits, and when traveling through a dreamy sign like Pisces, the cosmic darling naturally thrives, as Venus (aka goddess Aphrodite) was born from the sea. The good news is, Venus is happy when in this mutable water sign, which means the planet of love will be working at its full potential. For instance, all things related to beauty, love, relationships (both romantic and platonic), money, and pleasure are at an all-time high.

Moreover, when the planet of love enters dreamy Pisces, our desires switch from spontaneous and unconventional (Aquarius) to magical and out of this world (Pisces). Think of it this way: Imagine the goddess Aphrodite in Aquarius, decked out in her retro Spice Girls' wardrobe with tie-dye accessories and neon sunnies, fighting for her human rights. When in Pisces, however, the goddess morphs into a seductive siren, with iridescent fins and beautiful long locks, seducing sailors at sea with her enchanting melodies.

I'm not going to lie, this transit can feel like a fantasy, as it is incredibly hypnotic and magical. Although, make sure to stay close to the shore, as Venus in Pisces can be overly compassionate and unrealistic with values, and relationships. Also, remember what I said about Pisces' energy being a bit deceiving? Well, it's important to keep that in mind during this enchanting transit. Venus in Pisces wants one thing, and that's unconditional love. Float away, but make sure you keep your head above the water in the process.

P.S.: Feel free to let Venus in Pisces be your muse, as this transit will more than likely get those creative juices flowing.