Venus In Aries Is The Best Time To Make New Friends, So Get Out There & Mingle

You may know Venus as the planet that rules over your romantic side in astrology, but did you know it also has a lot to do with the way you make friends? If you take a look at your birth chart, the sign Venus was in when you were born says so much about the types of friends you enjoy having, and how you exchange affection with your best buds. The sign that Venus is currently in also has a major impact on your social life, and on Mar. 6, prepare yourself, because Venus in Aries 2018 affects friendships in unbelievable ways. You'll be meeting so many awesome new people, you won't even find time to breathe.

Fire sign Aries launches the beginning of the zodiac calendar with a bang. They make their mark on the world like they're afraid of nothing, and they never hold back for one second. Their personalities are often the biggest presence in the room, and when they want something, they stop at nothing until they get it.

When Venus is in Aries, you're stripped of all your social pretensions, and you're revealed at your most raw and vulnerable state. However, instead of feeling like a naked wet blanket, you're fired up with stamina, and you don't give a damn what anyone thinks about it. This confidence attracts people to you like moths to a flame, and baby, you're gonna feel like burning up a storm.

Your Inner Child Will Come Out To Play

If you're normally a reserved person, perhaps even a bit uptight, Venus in Aries will help you open right up. While the world might normally seem dismal and dreary, suddenly it'll feel like a playground for you to spin through. You won't worry if something you want to do is too childish or ridiculous to be done. You'll jump at any opportunity to roll around in the grass, dance like a dork in a public place, or sing Spice Girls songs at the top of your lungs. Remember how much fun you used to have when you were a little kid? How wild and uninhibited your imagination was? Prepare to feel that way all over again.

This will make you seem like the most fun person in existence, and people are going to fight to be around you. Unveil your true, wild little self, and watch the magic that will ensue.

You’re Brave Enough To Talk To Anyone

Even the most shy, timid person will feel pumped up with confidence during Venus in Aries. There's no one who appears too intimidating to strike up a conversation with, and suddenly, people you have nothing in common with feel like old friends. Even if someone gives you a weird look for talking so easily to total strangers, you won't take it personally. Why should you? You're a badass, and anyone would be lucky to know you. All you'll be thinking is that it's too bad they missed out on a good opportunity to have you as a friend.

Courage will infuse your words with conviction, and you'll believe everything you say, regretting nothing. Your jokes will make everyone laugh, your points will resonate deeply, and your presence will make the social setting so much more pleasurable, that everyone around you will be sure to notice a huge difference when you're gone.

You’re Inspired To Travel And Try New Things

You're not going to want any weekend to be a boring one during Venus in Aries. Staying in to watch reruns of The Office? Sleeping in until noon?Maybe when Venus is in some other sign.

You're going to make sure all your free time is booked up with new and exciting endeavors, whether that's a trip to another country, a night of bar-hopping with a group of new friends, a dance class, or anything that gets your blood flowing with excitement.

While you make your way through these uncharted territories, you're gonna meet tons of new faces, and the friendships you'll make will far outlast the short amount of time you have during Venus in Aries. It's during this planetary transition that you make vivid memories you'll never forget, and learn fascinating things about yourself that will forever reinforce your self-esteem. Make sure you get out there and ride this unpredictable wave all the way to the shore! You have no idea where it'll take you.