If You're Suddenly Craving Freedom In Your Relationships, You Can Blame Venus In Aquarius

by Valerie Mesa

Why, hello there, my fellow children of the universe. Welcome to the rebellious, chaos-loving, and revolutionary planet Uranus. I'm just kidding; although, electric Uranus is in fact Aquarius' planetary ruler, and well... the more strange and unusual, the more Uranian. Speaking of, Venus in Aquarius 2019 is upon us, and just so you know, the planet of love totally thrives when in the sign of the stellar water bearer. See, the truth is, coquettish Venus likes to keep things light-hearted. Plus, the goddess Aphrodite can be incredibly selfish and vain, despite her alluring beauty, and irresistible charms. What I'm trying to say is, Venus doesn't like to get deep. On the contrary, she'll make it short and sweet, as long as she gets what she wants, obvi.

On another note, did you know luscious Venus is the only planet named after a female goddess? Similar to the moon, the planet of love and beauty represents a number of feminine qualities. Also, Venus is also the second-closest planet to the sun, and when at its brightest, it lights up the sky after the sun goes down; hence Venus is often referred to as the Evening Star. However, when this gorgeous planet is on the other side of the sun, it greets us a few hours before sunrise, which is when it is referred to as the Morning Star. Yes, Venus loves to be adored.

Now, what happens when a cosmic darling like Venus travels through an eccentric and freedom-loving territory that's totally ahead of its time? Well, put it this way, stargazers: the energy of Aquarius is electric, innovative, unconventional, and public-spirited. So much so, those who are born under this fixed sign are typically independent thinkers, who prioritize social justice, while detaching from their emotions. This is precisely because the essence of Aquarius is modern and revolutionary. However, in the end, its super-charged energy teaches us to experiment, influence, and rebel against social norms.

Truth is, nothing is ever too bizarre for Aquarius. Speaking of which, here's what happens when the planet of love, relationships, and values, enters this incredibly unique, and open-minded air sign:

Venus In Aquarius: Mar. 1 - Mar. 26, 2019

In astrology, Venus' positioning, whether it be a general transit or natal placement, determines our perception of love, beauty, pleasure, and values. Moreover, the zodiac sign in which Venus travels through can ultimately influence our desires, spending habits, artistic, relationship habits, fashion sense, aesthetic, both personally and as a collective.

In rebellious Aquarius, our desires suddenly become spontaneous, intellectual, and unconventional. During this peculiar transit, the things we value are anything but traditional. Actually, the more outlandish, the better. Venus in Aquarius inspires us to think freely, progressively, and outside the box, in terms of love, finances, and pleasure.

Believe it or not, Venus in Aquarius desires friendship, and camaraderie before anything else. While in the sign of the water bearer, the goddess of love has no desire for intensity, or emotional connection. Instead, it puts a friendly, and perhaps bohemian flair, on romance. Warning: Venus in Aquarius needs space. A lot of it. (Plays Ariana Grande's "NASA.")

During this time, we will find pleasure in friendship groups, local meetups, and socially-conscious environments. Some of us might even make it a point to invest on technology, or perhaps donate to a charitable cause, as Venus governs our spending habits. In the end, this stellar transit is here to remind us of our freedom.

You'd be surprised how much you can learn by being more open-minded. Truth is, there is beauty everywhere you go, and if you open your heart and mind, you might very well experience it. All you need is love.