The Spiritual Meaning Of Pisces Season Is All About Divine Consciousness

by Valerie Mesa

Dreamy Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac, and in the astrological calendar, as it takes place right before the Spring Equinox, and the beginning of Aries season. The spiritual meaning of Pisces season is as intricate as it is interesting, but if we take a moment to reflect on its essence, you'll understand both its beauty, and its strength. Remember, every single astrological season has a specific purpose in our lives, and in the collective. For example, Leo is a symbol of joy and the inner child, right? Well, Leo season just so happens to take place in the middle of summer, when children are playing outside, having the time of their lives. Nothing is coincidence.

Astrology is magical, and the planets are our eternal guardians. For example, the sun gives us energy and vitality; the moon sets the emotional tone; Mercury determines our thought process and communication style; Venus is how we relate to others and experience pleasure; Mars gives us energy and a surge of red-hot passion. Speaking of which, the sun is constantly beaming over a specific zodiac sign, and that's what determines our energetic tone and general purpose, both personally and collectively speaking. The spirituality of the astrological season also stems of the zodiac sign's element, and purpose overall.

After many of us experienced powerful transformations, and rebirth, during Scorpio season, Sagittarius season gifted us with hope, faith, and optimism. Moreover, Capricorn season disciplined us and instilled structure and pragmatism in our minds, while Aquarius season's electricity and chaos awakens our inner rebel, team player, and humanitarian spirit. Pisces season, on the other hand, is a time for spirituality and surrender, as its universal presence stems from the 11 signs that came before it. One thing's for sure; these dreamy waters are unique, colorful, versatile, and all-encompassing. Never underestimate its power.

The Spirituality And Symbolism Behind Pisces Season

Pisces is ruled by elusive Neptune, the planet of dreams, subconscious realms, spirituality, and compassion. In astrology, this mutable water sign rules the feet, which is a symbol of our spiritual path, and return to the divine, and this is precisely what this astrological season is about.

This might sound strange, but there is an incredible selflessness that comes with the energy of Pisces. The symbol of Pisces, aka the two fish swimming opposite ways of each other, has several meanings, but in the end, it is a representation of its infinite duality. One fish represents the spirit evolving in the spiritual dimension, while the other is a symbol of the human in the physical world. Pisces is a symbol of both god and humanity, and this astrological season is here to remind us of exactly that.

Remember, we are spiritual beings living a human experience, and despite the ambiguity, haziness, uncertainty, and lack of physical evidence that comes with surrendering to the universe, we really have no choice but to let go and let god. I've said this to you all before, but just because we can't see it, doesn't mean it isn't there, and that's what Pisces season is here to teach us.

With that being said, this is your moment to rest, recharge, daydream, tap into your intuition, and obtain spiritual closure. Like I said, this is our path of return, but before you try to rush the process, do yourself a favor, and pat yourself on the back. IDK about you, but it's been one hell of a walk since last spring. Luckily for you, Pisces season is a place for us to lie our head.

No one is better than you, and you are not better than anyone. We all came from the same divine place, and now it's time to go home.