Vans Just Dropped Millennial Pink & Lilac Sneakers That Look Like Sunsets, So Get Ready To Gram


See more sunsets. That was one of my personal goals for 2018. There's nothing quite as magical as watching the sun melt into the horizon as the sky goes all smeary tie dye, and though nothing will compare to the real thing, Vans' "Sunset Fade" sneakers do a beautiful job of trying to encapsulate that moment in footwear form. So for the evenings when I'm trapped inside working or when I'm in a city with buildings so tall and thick that the horizon seems to be a phantom fantasy, these new kicks will be my replacement dusk views. They will also allow me to say that I can literally walk on sunshine so yeah, I need them stat.

Last week, Vans dropped its new collaboration with Charlotte Shibuya and Aya Kawasaki, a Japanese leather craft artist. The collab is aptly called Peach Soda. As reported by Hypebae, Vans' signature Authentic silhouette got a cool ombré upgrade, with the shoe fading from a dusty lilac to a bright turquoise from the front to back. A white waffle sole, gold hardware, and white laces finish off the shoe, which is the thing that stylish cotton candy dreams are made of. In short, it's a super rad new offering, which makes the fact that it's only currently available in Japan really sad. Why does Japan always seem to get the coolest drops?!

Thanks to the all-hearing sneaker gods, Vans blessed us non-Tokyo dwelling fashion fans with our own version of a color-fading shoe that, in my opinion, is even prettier than Peach Soda. (I guess we get pretty stellar drops here, too.) Did I say a color-fading shoe? I meant three color fading shoes. The Sunset Fade pack not only includes the much-loved Authentic silhouette, but also the Slip-On and UltraRange Mesh styles, too. Christmas has come early, fam — get ready to meet the kicks you're about to rock all summer long.

The classic Authentic style features a white waffle sole, white laces, and silver hardware. At the toe, it starts off in a dusty lilac tone, before fading into a millennial pink-slash-juicy peach tint, which ultimately blends into a sunny yellow at the heel. It absolutely resembles many beautiful 6 p.m. skies I've seen this year and has me nostalgic AF.


Authentic SF, $62, Vans

The classic Slip-On style features the same all-over color gradient and white waffle sole, but mini elastics are subbed in where the laces on the Authentic style appear. It's the no-fuss version of the sunset shoe, which I can't help but to feel every surfer should own. Because everyone knows that ocean sunsets are unbeatable.


Slip-On SF, $62, Vans

Finally, there's the UltraRange Mesh style, which is hands down my favorite of the three. As its name suggests, it's largely composed of a breathable mesh material in "Marshmallow" white and has suede panels on the lace panel and heels. The outside of each shoe is where it gets fun: the Sunset Fade color way appears in the signature Vans Formstrip, adding a splash of sherbet color to the otherwise monotone shoe. Clean, crisp, and super versatile, this style could be worn with everything from cutoffs and a tank to a pattern-heavy maxi dress.


"Sunset Fade" UltraRange Mesh style, $80, Vans

If you want to add some some sunny style into your wardrobe, this shoe pack is a good place to start. Ranging from $62 to $80 on Vans' web store, each style is super affordable and will surely brighten up your day. If you haven't seen a sunset IRL in awhile, let these new sneakers inspire you to take a moment for yourself this week to watch the most accessible wonder of the world.