Vanessa Hudgens New Netflix Christmas Movie Sounds Like A Fantasy Come True

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Christmas has come very early this year, and rom-com fans are getting a big gift in the form of a new Netflix movie that comes from bonafide holiday movie royalty. Vanessa Hudgens' The Knight Before Christmas was just announced, and it sounds like a fantasy come true.

Per Deadline: "[The Knight Before Christmas] follows a gallant English knight who seeks out his true quest after a sorceress inadvertently sends him from the medieval era to present day. While there he soon finds himself falling for a caring high school science teacher who is disillusioned by love."

First of all, the pun in the movie's title is so perfect. I mean, how has no one made a movie combining "The Night Before Christmas" and real knights before? Because, second of all, there is almost nothing better than the combination of princesses and Christmas to make rom-com fans go wild. Just take a look at the huge success of wintry, royal Netflix movies like A Christmas Prince, which has one sequel and another on the way.

Hudgens herself has already starred in another Christmas-y fairy tale for Netflix: last year's The Princess Switch. In a way, The Knight Before Christmas serves as a sort of spiritual sequel to last year's flick. Both movies feature an average American character suddenly facing new challenges when she crosses paths with some old European charm around Christmastime. Except, while Hudgens only starred in The Princess Switch, she's both starring in and producing The Knight Before Christmas.

There's no official word on the character Hudgens will play, but the actor playing the knight has been confirmed. Josh Whitehouse, who'll be starring in the upcoming Game of Thrones prequel, will step back in time for the role. He's already taking his oath seriously, posting about the movie on Instagram and captioning it: "I hereby pledge to be a true knight ⚔️"

Though it hasn't been confirmed yet, it's likely that Hudgens will play the lead role of the science teacher who ends up being courted by the Medieval knight. If that's the case, this character sounds like the perfect successor to Hudgens' High School Musical character Gabriella, who was a nerdy science student. This Knight Before Christmas character sounds like she could be Gabriella all grown up. Now, if only this new movie were a musical too, then fans would be getting all the best of Hudgens rolled up in one movie.

Fans are already getting excited about the new Christmas movie even though spring has just barely sprung and we're still months away from the holidays. Still, fans are tweeting out their excitement over Hudgens becoming the new princess of Netflix Christmas rom-coms:

Although, some fans are still patiently waiting for the announcement of a Princess Switch sequel:

Until the The Princess Switch 2 is announced, though, fans will just have The Knight Before Christmas to look forward to. A release date for the movie hasn't been announced yet. But since filming begins in April, chances are good that fans will be able to watch The Knight Before Christmas before Santa's sleigh touches down later this year.