Valfré's New Zodiac Collection Just Dropped & It'll Have You Seeing Stars — EXCLUSIVE


There's one thing all astrology lovers have in common, and it's that they see the world in the most mystical way. At the heart of astrology is the desire to make sense of this strange world we live in, to ask why things are the way they are, and to understand yourself as one with the cosmos. In my opinion, astrology is one of the most poetic ways to harness your true power. If you vibe with what I'm talking about, you'll want to add every single piece of Valfré's zodiac collection straight to your shopping cart.

You probably already know Valfré from its phone cases (boys tears, anyone?) and the new zodiac collection is the latest offering from its clothing line. Elite Daily got the exclusive details to the zodiac collection launch, which includes everything you need to display your zodiac sign proudly.

From the moment I learned I was a Gemini, I realized just how truly interesting I am — how interesting we all are. When Geminis are known for being charismatic, intelligent, witty, and open-minded, how could I not be proud? I wanted to shout it from the rooftops. The collection includes t-shirts, art prints, pins, and of course, a zodiac themed calendar. Let 2019 be the year your aesthetic absorbs the power and mystery of astrology.

When I say this collection will help you wear your zodiac sign with pride, I definitely mean it. The t-shirts feature artwork designed for each of the 12 zodiac signs on the front. These designs are in the classic Valfré style, which is of an adorably doll-faced character with big eyes, long lashes, and of course, star freckles. Each of these dolls were imagined through a zodiac sign's archetype. For example: The Aquarius t-shirt features a Valfré doll as the water bearer, while the Leo t-shirt features a character as a lioness.

While the front of these tees won't fail to captivate the eye, what's written on its back only makes the collection all the more thought-provoking. The back of the shirt features a description of your zodiac sign, which includes the typical dates that the sun travels through your zodiac sign, and a description of what makes your sign so awesome.

An excerpt from the back of the Aquarius tee says "Aquarians are deep thinkers and humanitarians. They strive for equality among all humans." On the Aries tee, it says "Aries are passionate and independent. They value honesty above everything and are always upfront about their opinions and emotions." It's a fun way to show people a bit of who you are before even having a conversation with them. I'm thinking these could be a great conversation starter if you wear them out with your friends on a Friday night.

Of course, you might be a bit less ostentatious about your zodiac sign. Perhaps you're a dreamy and artistic Pisces or an interior-design-obsessed Taurus who'd rather brag about your zodiac sign through artwork. If that sounds like you, Valfré is also releasing each zodiac-themed design through gorgeous prints. You can decorate every wall with framed prints of the zodiac and bring the cosmos straight into your home.

Realistically though, 2019 is officially upon us and you're probably feeling so overwhelmed by all the plans you've got for this year. Why not keep track of those plans with the zodiac-themed calendar Valfré is also releasing with this collection? Each month in the calendar is accompanied with artwork of the doll that matches the corresponding zodiac sign. Why not stay organized with the cosmos leading the way? You can take note of upcoming transits, mark the upcoming full moons, and watch how the planets encourage the year to unfold. What's more magical than that?