Valfre's First Electric Garden Eyeshadow Palette Will Add Magic To Your Eyes


Whenever Valfré comes out with something new, I'm always flooded with excitement. This brand never fails to concoct the most creative and colorful designs no one ever saw coming. No matter what direction the trends are moving in, Valfré always takes a sharp turn the other way, maintaining a fresh and original edge in the fashion world. As you can imagine, I've been beyond passionate about getting my hands on Valfré's Electric Garden Eyeshadow Palette, and I promise you, it does not disappoint. Not even in the least.

But, wait a minute. Valfré? Makeup? Since when? If you follow the latest releases from Valfré, you're probably familiar with them as an apparel and accessories brand. Known for the signature doll-faced illustrations drawn up by Ilse Valfré herself, it's easy to spot their merchandise from a mile away. Since Valfré's dolls are famous for their bright, youthful, and flirtatious gaze, it was only a matter of time before they thought of a way to help you emulate this eyelash-batting look. And, since Valfré's collections are always encouraging you to express your creativity and define your individuality, what better a way to do that then with a palette of bold eyeshadows?


Even though I'm completely obsessed with makeup, I tend to go for natural pigments and earth tones when it comes to eyeshadow. However, once I got a hold of my very own Electric Garden Eyeshadow Palette, I was totally inspired to try something a little more "out there." These colors are just so gorgeous and glistening that it makes you want to switch up even the most simple and casual look.


My heart initially told me to go for the matte lavender shade "Aster," and after sweeping it along my eyelid just once, I couldn't believe how powerful the color looked. It's so bold and comes on so strong that you don't need to build it up with several layers. I then dramatized the look by edging it off with "Orchid," which is a deep and shimmery hue of purple.

Normally, I would call it a day after a couple of colors, but I had to try more. So, I went for "Azalea," which is a sparkling shade of hot pink, and spiced things up by blending it into the center of my eyelid. Then, I was immensely curious to see how the white "Hydrangea" color would pop at the corner of my eyes, and lo and behold, this shade is bolstered by an icy-blue iridescence I wasn't expecting.

By the time I was finished, I felt like a faerie running through a row of prismatic flowers, but I guess that was the idea behind this palette all along, wasn't it?

One of my main concerns when purchasing makeup is whether or not it's vegan and cruelty free. Seriously, it's 2019, shouldn't all brands be mindful about how their products are made? Luckily, Valfré has made sure no animals were harmed in the making of these eyeshadows.

Aside from this new eyeshadow palette (which just might be my favorite thing that Valfré offers at the moment), I've always been such a fan of the t-shirts that Valfré designs. I wear my "You Can't Trip With Us" tee all the freakin' time and I can't wait to spruce up this casual, yet maddeningly cute look with some otherworldly eye makeup.

However, what I love most about Valfré is how the brand's looks always remind you life is too beautiful and fun to take everything so seriously. With their bright colors, unique designs, and childlike sense of style, Valfré is all about giving you fashion that inspires you to be you.