Valfré's New Mushroom Collection Will Take You To A Psychedelic Dreamland


When you think of the 1960s, what comes to mind? Is it the electronic organ intro to "Lucy in The Sky With Diamonds"? Lava lamps casting their neon glow across the walls? Cat eye sunglasses and flare pants? I'm seeing all of this, plus a field of mystical toadstools scattered across a prismatic playground. Oh, and also Valfré's 2019 Mushroom Collection, because it's 100% groovy, baby. If you're looking to add a nostalgic and otherworldly edge to your aesthetic, you'll want these items shipped straight to your doorstep, ASAP.

You may remember Valfré from their 2019 Zodiac Collection, which brought all 12 of the zodiac signs to life with a flawless and cosmic radiance that only the Mexican-born, self-made queen of fashion herself (Ilse Valfré) could pull off. I'm completely astrology-obsessed, so as you can imagine, the bar was set high. With Valfré's classic doll-faced illustrations and overall youthful vibes, this brand automatically leaves me feeling more free-spirited than before. Valfré truthfully never lets me down and I'm always eager to see what they're coming out with next.

As per usual, this year's Mushroom Collection doesn't disappoint. Personally, I'm always in the mood for an article of clothing or an accessory that takes me to a dreamier headspace, so what more could I want than some bright colors and adorable fungi?

Let's take a "trip" through some of my favorite pieces from Valfré's latest line, because you know you want to:

Does it get any more whimsical than this lavender sherpa purse? I don't know about you, but I have to get my hands on one. I may be biased because I'm a Gemini, but those twin mushroom ladies surrounded by a tiny garden of daises are making me feel so seen. Oh, and that beaded plastic strap is just the cherry on top. Doesn't it remind you of dew drops? This piece just adds a splash of enchantment to any ensemble.

I didn't even realize how much my bedroom was sorely lacking a mushroom pillow until I laid eyes on this one. With her bright, hypnotized eyes and twinkling freckles, I want to fall asleep and dream of toadstool ladies every night. This soft pink and ivory pillow adds a trippy twist to any bedspread and I'm already following Alice down the rabbit hole.

The moment I laid eyes on these pants, I was already imagining myself bumping along to Pink Floyd below a multicolored disco light and shaking my peace-loving booty. These pants definitely live up to their Shagadelic name. With a baby blue fabric that reminds me of a warm summer day, embroidered mushrooms on the front pockets, and a white chain dangling from its belt hooks, these pants are such a statement. Personally, I'd wear these with a white t-shirt and let the pants have the spotlight.

If I had one of these mushroom mesh dresses, I don't think I'd ever take it off. You'd probably have to pry it away from me. This dress is smashing, switched-on, and downright sexy. And would you just look at all those toadstool ladies? The pattern includes pink, blue, purple, yellow, and peach mushrooms, so how could you ever get bored of looking at this dress? Every time you wear it, you're wearing a garden of fungus magic. Alright, I'll admit it. I'm obsessed.

All accessories and apparel aside, this Mushroom Collection also includes home decor and air fresheners. This lavender-smelling air freshener is adorned by a yellow toadstool lady who will greet you every time you start the car. No matter where you're going, this air freshener guarantees you're always driving towards an otherworldly destination.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the rest of the Mushroom Collection right now.