Valfré's Latest Drop Gives Major Dolly Parton Vibes & I'm Here For It


I won't lie to you and say that I haven't dreamed of being a cowgirl since I was little. Just imagine it: You're riding your favorite horse through cactus gardens, surrounded by a wide expanse of blue sky. There's cattle grazing in the distance, your old western hat is shielding you from the sun, and you're everything that involves a desert daydream. I won't lie and say that I ever stopped wanting to be a cowgirl, which is why Valfré's spring 2019 collection will lasso your heart just the same as it did mine.

You might remember Valfré from its zodiac collection, which captured all things astrology-related and invited the cosmos to infuse your wardrobe with some of their magic. I bet you also remember Valfré for its signature designs, which involve a gorgeous doll-faced character with wide eyes and twinkling freckles. Valfré's collections, as you probably can already tell, don't follow the latest trend. Instead, the trends follow Valfré. Now that budding, blossoming, and blooming spring has arrived, Elite Daily has all the exclusive details on Valfré's latest line. With festival season around the corner and sunny weather bringing the world back to life, you won't want to miss out.


When you think cowgirl, who comes to mind? Dolly Parton, right? Who else can capture country girl chic in the striking way that she does? Ilse Valfré, the Mexican-born founder of Valfré, couldn't agree with you more: "In this drop, we wanted to capture the glitz and fun from Dolly Parton's old western days. We love her over the top yet carefree personality, and how she didn't just dress up for the stage but was a fashion icon in everyday life," she says in a press release. This spring, let Dolly lead the way:

Who else remembers Dolly Parton for her immensely stylish collection of jumpsuits? With the Good Luck To You Jumpsuit from Valfré's spring line, you can be a source of sunshine wherever you go. Who won't be able to notice that you've entered the room when you're wearing this bright ensemble? Adorned with embroidered designs of sparkling roses, straight-shooting arrows, and a horseshoe for good luck, you're mixing the wild west with a serious dose of fashion.

Without "cow," you would just be "girl," and the Vaca Skirt from the collection solves that problem immediately. Because you probably care about cows just as much as I do (Seriously, are they not the cutest farm animal there is?), you'll love that this skirt is made of vegan suede. Designed to resemble the black and white pattern of a cow's hide, this skirt even feature's belt buckles so that you can tie your outfit off with an edge.

How can you honestly complete the cowgirl look without some fringe? When I think about Dolly Parton on stage, I immediately picture her rocking out with some feminine fringes shaking from her outfit. With the Howdy Top, you can bring that same energy into your everyday fashion. This sheer button-up top is the color of a fresh spring rose. It features satin collars that are adorned with embroidered hearts as well as tiny studs to complete the look. Turn around and you'll be saying "howdy" to everyone.

The spring collection wouldn't be complete without their classic, doll-faced illustrations, would it? The You Break You Die Tee is made of a soft, pastel-pink fabric and features an original design by Ilse Valfré. Glam this collection up or dress it down. Either way, you're killin' it with this look.

As Valfré tells Elite Daily, "We're believers in the idea that all badass babes should be able to wear what they please and add in some big hair for good measure! Dolly once said 'she likes looking like she came out of a fairytale' and we like to think that Valfré dolls have built their own fairytale for our fans/customers. Dolly never took herself too seriously and she was always creative." You can check out the rest of the collection, out today, on Valfré's website.