Did you know that using OkCupid's Voter 2020 badge could boost your swiping game?

FYI, This 1 Important Thing Makes You Way More Attractive On Dating Apps

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You already know that a pic with a cute pup, a witty bio, and decent grammar can boost your odds of success on dating apps. Did you know, though, that flexing your constitutional right to vote can help you up your game, too? It's true — according to OkCupid's 2020 Voter Report, using OkCupid's Voter 2020 badge makes you way more likely to rack up some matches.

The evidence speaks for itself: OkCupid found that registered voters are 85% more likely to get a message and 63% more likely to get a match. Specifically, non-straight users are most likely to swipe right on voters. When users are evaluating a potential match, being registered to vote is even more important than physical distance — OkCupid found that people are willing to travel farther for a date who votes.

More than 170,000 people have added the app's Voter 2020 badge — which indicates that they're registered to vote — to their dating profiles. Not only that, but OkCupid's matching questions on the topic of politics have been answered more than 105 million times, making it the biggest dealbreaker to singles.

According to Maria Avgitidis, CEO of matchmaking service Agape Match, one reason why registered voters may be getting way more action on OkCupid is that the badge serves as a starting point for sussing out whether a potential match supports the same policies and movements. TBH, it makes sense why voting is so important to daters today, as exercising that right can show you care about the current issues impacting many Americans. Plus, a large component of compatibility is finding someone who shares some of your core beliefs and values.

"Democracy is something you practice and is constantly evolving," says Avgitidis. "We elect the democracy we deserve and we ought to have all voices heard to find solutions that address our collective problems. I think it's the ultimate right we have as U.S. citizens. Many people have fought and died for the right to vote, and I feel some really take it for granted."

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According to OkCupid's data, a whopping 90% of millennial participants are registered voters — and interestingly, OkCupid's survey found that registered voters are 12% more likely to initiate a convo on the app. Most daters aren't just seeking a match who plans to vote, however — they also want to connect with someone who's on the same page politically. In fact, 76% of respondents said that how their date leans is very important to them.

As far as which issues dating app users feel most passionately about, OkCupid found that border control is No. 1. While you're swiping, you might also want to keep in mind that registered voters are more likely to be open with their feelings more often, enjoy the taste of beer, be into foreplay, rate their self-confidence as higher than average, and find intelligence sexier than looks (all according to OkCupid's study).

Remember — whether you're voting early via a mail-in ballot or at a physical polling location on Election Day, it's totally possible to exercise your rights safely during the coronavirus pandemic. The first step is making sure you're registered, and note that the deadline varies significantly by state, with some requiring you to register as many as 31 days ahead of time, and others allowing same-day voter registration.

Voting gives you a chance to make a positive impact in your country and community by supporting a candidate who aligns with you on the issues you feel strongly about, whether that includes criminal justice and policing, race relations, healthcare, or climate change. Hopefully, that's reason enough to exercise your right. But if you needed a little additional motivation to register to vote, why not heed OkCupid's findings do it for the sake of your love life?


Maria Avgitidis, matchmaker