Upside Down Christmas Trees Exist & Gravity Is Here For Them

You're walking through the mall during the holidays and out of the corner of your eye, you see the center of the holiday season: the Christmas tree. But this particular one has you a bit shook and made you feel like you're in the Twilight Zone. Upside down Christmas trees are boggling minds all over the place and are defying gravity like it's no one's business. Don't worry, you didn't bump your head or suddenly leave this dimension and plummet into the Upside Down world on Stranger Things.

These peculiarly confusing trees can be found in department stores, even our faves, this holiday season. In fact, they can also be purchased. Yes, you can literally walk into a store or search online and purchase a tree whose very existence will make your head tilt. Who even thinks of these things and are there special Christmas lights for this?

The trees certainly make you feel like you have seriously seen it all... at different angles, sizes, and dimensions. I mean, if you think about it, they sort of look like low chandeliers that are bushy, smell like pine, and have the ability to turn your head, like seeing a two-headed cow in the middle of nowhere. If you've seen one, you surely remember and if you haven't, you're in for a little bit of a surprise.

OK, this tree looks so freaking luxurious that you almost forget that it's even upside down. Gravity must be sitting back sippin' a cold one and simply laughing at the way we can't comprehend how it just allows these trees not to fall. Seriously, they look like bedazzled dominoes about to tip over and ruin Christmas.

It does seem a tad artistic, which is probably why so many of us can't fully understand it. Maybe we just need someone to sit down and explain it to us, but for now, we'll remain completely distracted by how vibrant these babies are when they're placed in the center of a room. If you thought right side up was something worth seeing, these are a completely different ball game. Do you still stick Christmas gifts under these trees?

And like most things that dumbfound the public, upside down Christmas trees have created a small debate has regarding whether they're art or just disrespectful. Maybe it's some genius way of conserving floor space, so that people can have more gifts. Honestly, that's the only logical explanation as to why they're even sold in stores like Target and Home Depot.


Believe or not, but this unlit, upside down Christmas tree at Target will cost you a little over $1,000. And this is not a drill. Do you know how many real Christmas trees you could buy for that? A lot. Or you could practically put a down payment on a car. No biggie.

Home Depot

Not sure what the hype is with the Target tree but Home Depot has a similar tree with lights for a fraction of the price. Online, this will cost you about $150. I'm no mathematician, but that is a dramatically huge difference.


Every year we are faced with another random trend that seemingly tops the one before it. It's just in our nature to harbor the element of surprise. And no matter how bizarre it is, we definitely have to fuel our profound curiosity and click on whatever we can, so that we can try to understand what the heck is going on. Thank God for Twitter, right? Whether it's for the sake of floor space, a new artistic stance, or simply a jab at Stranger Things, it looks like upside down Christmas trees are here to sleigh for the long haul.