These Pool Floats Are Way More Unique Than Just Another Swan

It's the "summer of pool floats" — aka, my unofficial title — and I'm sure you've seen every inflatable known to man. It started with the swan, and now, there are floats that look like pizza, donuts, unicorns, and even rosé bottles. When you're strolling up to your next pool day with your best friends, you want to bring a float with you that no one else has seen before. Even though I'm sure you're convinced you've seen them all, these unique pool floats are more than just another swan.

From colorful butterflies to yachts for you and your fur baby, the impressive list of inflatables for the pool just continues to grow. There really is something out there for everyone's taste. If you haven't gotten your summer floaty just yet because nothing has caught your eye, I'm sure one of these nine unique inflatables will speak to your soul. Bring it along to your next pool day or lake house retreat. When you're lounging in the sun on the water, all eyes will be on you. You're making a statement, after all, with such a cool inflatable that all of your Insta followers will want to copy. So, welcome the summer in as something truly special, and float on.