Unique Pool Floats To Buy This Summer, If You're So Over The Swan

It's the "summer of pool floats" — aka, my unofficial title — and I'm sure you've seen every inflatable known to man. It started with the swan, and now, there are floats that look like pizza, donuts, unicorns, and even rosé bottles. When you're strolling up to your next pool day with your best friends, you want to bring a float with you that no one else has seen before. Even though I'm sure you're convinced you've seen them all, these unique pool floats are more than just another swan.

From colorful butterflies to yachts for you and your fur baby, the impressive list of inflatables for the pool just continues to grow. There really is something out there for everyone's taste. If you haven't gotten your summer floaty just yet because nothing has caught your eye, I'm sure one of these nine unique inflatables will speak to your soul. Bring it along to your next pool day or lake house retreat. When you're lounging in the sun on the water, all eyes will be on you. You're making a statement, after all, with such a cool inflatable that all of your Insta followers will want to copy. So, welcome the summer in as something truly special, and float on.

1Have Yachts Of Fun With Your Pup On This Sweet Float

Yacht Float


Why have a simple pool float when you could hang out on an entire yacht? This cute AF inflatable from FUNBOY looks just like a fancy boat you might see your favorite celebs chilling on, but in pool-size. Not only does this cute inflatable come with extra storage that you can use as a cooler for any drinks in the water, but you can also get a mini version for your pup. Don't just get yourself a yacht, get the Bark Yacht Dog Float for your fur baby as well, so you can hang in the pool together like you're celebrities.

2Fly Through Summer With These Angel Wings

Angel Wings Float


Sure, a pool float is great for relaxing in the pool, but you also secretly can't wait to pose for pics on it. That's why this angel wing float was made for a cute photo shoot in your new summer swimsuit. You'll look like you have wings as you lay down on it, and should caption your pic with, "Just winging it." Not only is this float so Insta-worthy, but you'll be contributing to an incredible cause with your purchase. For every FUNBOY float sold, it provides one person a year of clean drinking water.

3Make Sure Your Pool Hangs Are Colorful With This Butterfly

MISSONI x FUNBOY Butterfly Wings


If you really want to stand out, you'll want something extra colorful, like this butterfly wing float. The best part is this float is reversible. On one side is this gorgeous warm blend of colors, and on the other side is a cooler mix of blue and green. Added fun will be picking whatever side matches the swimsuit you're currently wearing.

4Drive On In This Pink Convertible

Retro Convertible Pink Pool Float


If you've always wanted a pink convertible like Barbie since you were a little girl, now's the time to make your dreams come true. This pink convertible float is too cute for words, with enough space for you and your bestie to ride shotgun. Also, just like the yacht, the front of the car doubles as a cooler for you to keep some rosé with you at all times. If you also want to float with your dog, FUNBOY makes a dog-sized convertible as well, so you can cruise into the sunset together.

5You Butter Believe This Pink Pancake Float Exists

Retro Pink Pancake Float


As a major foodie myself, I really love the inflatables that look like giant foods. That's why this pink pancake caught my eye. Not only is it a trendy millennial pink color, but it comes with a detachable butter pillow. This float was made for napping, which is exactly what you want to do after eating an entire stack of pancakes.

6Jet Ski To A Fun Pool Day On This Inflatable



OK, you have to admit you want to see this jet ski pool float for yourself. It may look like it's just for taking pics on for the 'Gram, but this jet ski float is stable for laying down for sunbathing as well. It also fits up to two people, so you and bae can pretend to be jet skiing while you're chilling in the pool.

7You'll Have No Prob-Llama With This Float

Llama Pool Float


The swan float was the pool inflatable that started it all, and from there, we've seen so many animals like zebras, giraffes, and even unicorns. Though, I've never seen a llama float before. You'll want a buddy when you're laying out in the sun, and this cute AF llama can be exactly that. Get a selfie together, and caption it for the 'Gram with, "No drama llama."

8You'll Be Soaring With This Airplane Float

Private Jet Float


This is the perfect float for anyone who has wanderlust. If you're counting down the days until your next summer vacay, why not do it on an airplane? Sure, you're not really going anywhere, but you can be daydreaming of all of your bucket list destinations while floating in the water.

9No Joke, This Float Has Room For Your Boobs



It may just look like an ordinary pink float, but this inflatable is so much more. What started as an April's Fools joke has now become an extremely convenient reality, and Bravissimo has made a pool float with a little extra space for, well, your boobs. Now, you can lounge face down without squishing your ta-tas. Hallelujah!