You Can Buy Even More Kylie Cosmetics Products At Ulta Now, So Bye, Money

by Kelsi Zimmerman
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If you're a big Kylie Cosmetics fan that prefers stocking up on the brand's products in-store at your local Ulta, then you're in luck as the beauty retailer has just expanded their selection of Kylie Cosmetics products. As of Sunday, June 9, Ulta's expanded Kylie Cosmetics selection now includes bronzers, blushes, Kylighter highlighters, and High Gloss lip glosses in addition to the select matte and velvet Kylie Lip Kit shades, select bullet lipsticks, and five eyeshadow palettes that were previously available.

It's worth it to note, however, that as of right now, all of the newly added Kylie Cosmetics products are only available in Ulta stores, and not online like the rest of the selection.

Kylie announced that the additional products would be coming to Ulta stores via the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram page on Thursday, June 6, and of course, fans and followers couldn't help but to express their excitement.

The Kylie Cosmetics and Ulta partnership began back in the 2018 holiday shopping season as the first brick and mortar retailer partnership for the cosmetics brand. When Kylie Cosmetics first launched in Ulta, you were only able to buy lip products, but since then Jenner has added eyeshadow palettes and now bronzers, blushes, highlighters, and lip glosses.

For a full look at all of the Kylie Cosmetics products that you can now officially get your hands on read on and prepare your wallet as the assortment is every bit of glamorous and exciting.

Lip Kits

Kylie's OG products are available at Ulta in velvet and matte finishes. The kit comes with the liquid lippie and pencil lip liner.

Kyshadow Palettes

The nine pan Kyshadow palettes can be bought in-stores and online at Ulta in five different color schemes.

Lipstick Bullets

Kylie's creamy lipstick bullets are available in six different shades which includes "Butterscotch," a soft peach nude, "Crème Brulee," a soft muted pink, "Crush," a soft warm pomegranate, "Dulce de Leche," a midtone toffee, "Madeleine," a warm strawberry, and "Passion," a cool pink.


The Kylighters are one of the products that are only available in-stores at Ulta locations. The glistening pressed powder highlighters are available in "Cheers Darling," a light champagne gold, "Quartz," an icy gold, "Dreamin Of Diamonds," a bright yellow gold, "Ice Me Out," an icy champagne, "Queen Drip," a peachy gold, and "Princess Please," an icy pale pink.


Like the Kylighters, the bronzers are also only available in Ulta stores. The $18 pressed powder bronzers come in six different shades of bronze including, "Khaki," a golden bronze, "Tequila Tan," a warm bronze, "Toasty," a neutral mid-tone bronze, "Almond," a warm amber, "Tanned and Gorgeous," a warm mocha, and "Tawny Mami," a deep chestnut.


If you're looking to add a touch of blush to your look, Kylie's range of five blushes are now available in-stores at Ulta. The shades include "Kitten Baby," a light apricot, "Baddie On The Block," a mid-tone clean pink, "Close To Perfect," a dusty peach, "We're Going Shopping," a clean coral, and "Rosy," a mid-tone berry.


To round out the Kylie Cosmetics selection at Ulta is the High Glosses which are only available in-stores. The shiny glosses are available in seven different shades that include opaque, shimmery, and sheer finishes.

So if you're someone who prefers to swatch out your makeup products before committing to buying them then get excited at all of the new Kylie Cosmetics products that Ulta now has to offer.

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