Lipstick Queen's Medieval Collection Is 50% Off At Ulta RN, So You Can Snag Lippies For $10

Today in beauty, I'm here to rave about all things lipstick. In particular, I'm here to rave about Ulta's 21 Days Of Beauty Sept. 17 deals, which include a whopping 50% off of Lipstick Queen's Medieval Collection, aka the fall lippie wardrobe of your dreams. Oh, and just in case you wanted more things to buy, there are also half-off deals on dietary supplements, eye serums, and heavy-duty setting powders, so yeah, it's a good day to shop. Like all savings offered during Ulta's 21 Days Of Beauty event, these products go full Cinderella at tonight at midnight — aka, the sale magic leaves them, and they return to their regular prices. To snag them before price tags go back up, shop today and live a life with no regrets. Sounds good, right?

If you've never before tried a Lipstick Queen product, I need you to stop reading this, get into your car (Or call an Uber!) and drive directly to your local Ulta. Don't bother placing an online order — even that's too long a wait! You need to experience their lip products Right. This. Second. Otherwise, you won't believe me when I rave about how good they are. Today and today only, the brand's gorgeous four-piece Medieval Collection is available for 50% off, making half the collection $10 or less. Can you believe?

The Medieval Tinted Lip 'Lixir ($10, originally $20, is my personal fave. The lightweight liquid formula is ideal for such a bold red hue:

The least expensive product is the Visible Lip Liner in "Medieval" ($9, originally $18,, a must-have for any red lip look:

I'd rather continue going through the entire Lipstick Queen lineup, but I know you might be curious as to the rest of today's deals, so let's continue. Another fave of mine, the Cover FX Perfect Setting Powder ($18, originally $35,, is also 50% off today.

This baby comes in two translucent shades, "Light" and "Deep," to set your look all day long:

Maybe you're more of a skincare-lover than a beauty buff? You're in luck! Skyn Iceland has a half-off deal in today's mix, too. The brand's Brightening Eye Serum ($20, originally $40, is an easy Add To Cart at its reduced price of $20, and since it can be used both day and night, you'll definitely be getting your money's worth. If you've ever used Skyn Iceland's cult favorite Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels, know that this serum is meant to deliver not just similar results, but even better ones, thanks to powerful arctic peptides that help skin look rejuvenated.

If you forsee long nights and early mornings in your future this fall, I highly recommend treating yourself to this:

Last but not least, today's lineup includes a deal on ingestibles — in particular, 50% off of the SeroVital hgh Dietary Supplement ($50, originally $99, Because our natural levels of hGH, or human growth hormone, begin depleting after age 25, these tiny yellow capsules can be key in speeding up hGH production, which results in skin that looks plump and youthful.

TBH, I'm all for anything that gives my skin a replenished look:

Okay, now let's go shopping! Head on over to the Ulta site and make the most of these deals before the day is done.