Tyler Says He's "Just Friends" With Hannah, But Has Hope For The Future

by Candice Jalili
John Fleenor/Walt Disney Television/Getty Images

They may be platonic for now, but Tyler Cameron's quote about his friendship with Hannah Brown hints that the famous duo could become romantic again in the future. "We're friends... it's been nice to be able to communicate and be friends again. We are able to talk, and you know, we're just starting off as friends and that's what it is right now," Cameron revealed, per Cosmopolitan, in a video captured by the Instagram account @bachelorteaspill. "And we're not in a place where we should be worried about dating or anything like that right now... but yeah, that's my homie she's my friend... But it's good to be back on good terms. She's a great person and I'm grateful to be able to call her a friend."

Um, yeah, so if you read that carefully I hope you were able to pick up what Cameron was putting down: They're "starting off" as friends, as in they could maybe develop into more than friends again in the future. Chances of them potentially spinning their friendship into something down the road are relatively high considering the two are both currently single. When asked if he's dating anyone during an Instagram Live on April 22, Cameron responded: “No, I’m not dating nobody.”

For her part, Brown revealed her single relationship status during an April 14 Instagram Live sesh when she was asked what her plans are with regards to starting a family.

"If you would have asked me like a few years ago I would have been, like, oh for sure by 25 I'm married," Brown, 25, responded. "And possibly thinking about kids in the next, like trying to get pregnant right now probably. A lot of my friends have babies and they are the best moms but I couldn't imagine it, I'm not ready for that just yet. I mean, I could be. If something happened, I could be. But, I'm still trying to figure out my life." Then she added in this little disclaimer, making it extra clear she's not at all taken: "Also… you have to have a significant other for that and I don’t."

Mark Bourdillion/Walt Disney Television/Getty Images

ICYMI: Cameron and Brown got the hopes of their fans up when they quarantined together in Florida and maybe slept in the same bed. Since then, Brown has returned home to Alabama but it appears the two are still friends. Here's to hoping they eventually make it past this "starting" point.