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Tyga's Instagram After Kylie Jenner Confirmed Her Pregnancy Isn't What You'd Expect


Congratulations to everyone but Tyga. Kylie Jenner just delivered her first baby with boyfriend Travis Scott on Feb. 1, and a few people have low-key turned their attention back to her ex to see how he feels. Tyga's first Instagram after Kylie Jenner confirmed her pregnancy is a little bit of a curveball. I'm sure however you might have thought he was going to respond to the birth of his ex-girlfriend's baby, this definitely wasn't it. (Actually, maybe it was. I don't know. Tyga's a wildcard.)

After a long, serious relationship, Tyga and Jenner finally called it quits in April of 2017. At the time, Jenner made it sound like she wanted to experience her teenage years and not rush growing up. In reality, she jumped into a new serious relationship with rapper Travis Scott, and quickly became pregnant with his baby. Originally, Ty was playing it cool minus making one weird Snapchat comment when he joked the baby was his. However, he took that comment back.


Jenner revealed the pregnancy rumors about her and Scott were true on Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 4, by sharing the following message on Instagram:

She and Scott also released a video on YouTube documenting their relationship and Jenner's secret pregnancy. In the video, the public gets to see a new side of Scott, which is a caring, compassionate, attentive, and affectionate partner.

Kylie Jenner on YouTube

Tyga, you wanna weigh in on any of this?

Apparently, no he does not. Not even a little bit. Just one day after Jenner announced her pregnancy, Tyga shared a shirtless selfie on Instagram covered in gold jewelry while smiling at something off camera. He captioned the photo, "11 days to #Kyoto Album."

He also posted the following tweet:

Based on this Instagram and Twitter posts, it looks like he has his own baby on his mind. A record baby.

In June, Tyga revealed to People magazine he had love for Jenner but was not in love with her. He said,

He added, "When it was good, it was good. When it was bad, it was really bad.”

Fortunately, both Jenner and Tyga seem to have gone their separate ways in peace. Congratulations, Kylie! And we'll see ya when we see ya, Tyga.

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