TXT Opens Up About What It Was Like Writing Their First Song Together

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Ask any MOA, and they'll tell you TXT has exceeded all expectations with the release of their new EP The Dream Chapter: Eternity. The album features six new songs, but one track that's captured fans' attention, in particular, is "Maze in the Mirror." All five members of TXT helped co-write it, which could be why fans feel so attached to it. TXT's quotes about writing "Maze In The Mirror" together will make MOAs smile.

On May 18, TXT dropped The Dream Chapter: Eternity, along with their "Can't You See Me?" music video. Eternity follows the group's The Dream Chapter: Star and The Dream Chapter: Magic albums, and serves as the conclusion to the series.

"Maze In The Mirror" stands out to TXT's fans among the other songs on Eternity because Yeonjun, Soobin, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Hueningkai added their own personal touch to its lyrics. As it turns out, TXT feels the same way as MOAs.

While picking their favorite songs off Eternity, Taehyun and Yeonjun tell Elite Daily they love "Puma" because it's fun and unique. Soobin enjoys "Drama" because of its choreography. Meanwhile, Hueningkai likes "Can't You See Me?" because he feels it represents the album's overall sound. But "Maze In The Mirror" is extra special to TXT, not only because it's the first song they all wrote together, but it's also inspired by their early days as a group.

"We started making this song two years ago, so it feels great to get it out there," Hueningkai says.

Beomgyu explains the song was partly inspired by the difficult days spent practicing in preparation for their debut. "We were trainees having a bit of a hard time and we expressed our struggles through the song."

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Since the track reflects their early days, they are reminded of so many memories whenever they hear it. "I loved working on 'Maze In The Mirror' with my members. The song is about the times and experiences that we shared because we laughed and cried together, so it's very special," Yeonjun says.

TXT really challenged themselves through the creation of this song and MOAs were their motivation throughout their entire process. "We always try to show something different for MOA. We want to share it all with you," Soobin shares. "Our musical developments, we work very hard to put on the best show we can," Taehyun adds.

Hear TXT talk about the making of "Maze In The Mirror" below.

MOAs, now that you know the inspiration behind "Maze In The Mirror," get ready to hear the song in a whole new way. TXT's The Dream Chapter: Eternity is available now on all major streaming platforms.