TXT releases "9 & Three Quarters" Halloween dance video.

TXT Danced To "9 & Three Quarters" In 'Harry Potter' Costumes, So My Life's Made


Your week is about to get an unexpected magical treat. In the spirit of spooky season, one K-pop group has come through on the Hogwarts Express with some musical goodness. TXT's "9 & Three Quarters" Halloween dance video is here and it's inspired by Harry Potter.

TXT know how to get fans in the All Hallow's Eve spirit. In their latest dance rehearsal video, released Oct. 29, the band performed their "9 & Three Quarters" choreography in Harry Potter-inspired costumes, complete with robes and house scarves. Yes, the guys have been sorted into their respective houses with Hueningkai and Soobin dressed in Hufflepuff colors, Yeonjun as a Slytherin, Beomgyu as a Gryffindor, and Taehyun as a Ravenclaw.

Ensembles aside, the guys showcased some impressive dance moves. At one point, Taehyun even whipped out his wand, casting a spell on his bandmates. Though, by the end, the wand was in Hueningkai's grip, which was fitting, since he donned glasses for almost the entire video. He could have been Harry Potter himself if he weren't a Hufflepuff. Fans thought so too, leaving comments like, "Huening kai looks like Harry Potter with those glasses" and "Huening kai for 2019 harry potter."

Even though the band has already released an official music video for "9 & Three Quarters," this Potter-themed video also feels so right. It fits with the band's new magical concept and the song's lyrics about escaping to a magical place that is only open to their friends (Room of Requirements, anyone?).

Plus, at the time of publication, the video already has well over 1 million views. That's incredible for a band that's barely been around for a year (they debuted in March 2019). However, they've been very been busy since releasing their debut EP, The Dream Chapter: STAR, having just dropped their first album The Dream Chapter: MAGIC on Oct. 21.

Prior to the album's release, fans had an inkling it would take them on a magical journey because of song titles like "Magic Island," "Angel or Devil," and "9 & Three Quarters."

One fan took to Twitter, writing, "Will we be going to Hogwarts with TXT?" while another wrote, "Potterhead moas we rise."

This rehearsal video definitely gave MOAs the Potter-vibes they were asking for — and just in time for Halloween. Thanks, TXT. Can't wait to see what other magical treats you guys dish out next.