TXT Explains How Making 'Minisode1: Blue Hour' Brought Them Even Closer To MOAs

TXT Explains How Making 'Minisode1: Blue Hour' Brought Them Closer To MOAs Than Ever

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TXT isn't afraid to get real in their music. From addressing themes like loneliness and the fear of growing up, to feeling different from everyone else, the group doesn't hold anything back when discussing their experiences as young adults in today's world. That's why, with COVID-19 affecting how everyone interacts in 2020, it's no surprise TXT didn't leave their thoughts on the impact of the pandemic out of their latest EP, Minisode1: Blue Hour, which dropped on Monday, Oct. 26. For TXT, one of the most frustrating effects of the pandemic has been not seeing their fans in concert, so TXT used Minisode1: Blue Hour to bring them even closer to MOAs.

The mini-album marks the group's first release since their Dream Chapter album trilogy came to an end in May. Before launching into their next series, TXT is taking a much-needed "pitstop" to reflect on how much life has changed due to the pandemic. "We thought it was important to tell a story that only we could tell now in these very particular circumstances. As teens, we wanted to talk about things like love, friendship, and daily life, especially in the COVID-19 era," SOOBIN tells Elite Daily.

Hearing about the outbreak for the first time was surreal for TXT and, just like anyone else, its aftermath has been challenging. "It felt like time had nearly stopped," HUENINGKAI says. "There wasn’t much I could do, and the time I could spend outside was extremely limited."

Performing in front of fans is one of the most rewarding aspects of the job for TXT, so the news that all concerts were canceled to prevent the virus' spread was especially hard to come to terms with. "Like everyone else, we’ve been staying in and not going out as much. We’ve worked really hard on our new music, so it’s quite sad that we won’t be able to perform for our MOA in person," BEOMGYU shares.

The boys have come to terms with the state of the music industry, acknowledging it's best for everyone's safety. Instead, they've decided to connect with their fans further through their music, and they get more honest than ever with Minisode1: Blue Hour. In "Ghosting," TXT calls themselves a "ghost" because they feel isolated at home. They get nostalgic for the past in "Way Home," and they realize the importance of living life in the moment in "Wishlist." In "We Lost The Summer," TXT dreams about all the things they would have done if it wasn't for the pandemic. "Our time has lost the weather/ I'm standing still in winter/ Cause we lost the summеr/ When we lost each othеr," TXT sings.

TXT's lead single, "Blue Hour," is about the beauty of the sky in October. It's the song BEOMGYU says represents the album best because it shows the world from a teenager’s point of view. "It’s about our lives in the pandemic, as well as how we, teenagers, see love and friendships, among other relationships," BEOMGYU explains.

To achieve a deeper level of connection with MOAs, TXT got more involved in the production process than ever this time around. "We believe it’s important to tell stories that are relevant and present," YEONJUN says. "By participating in the lyric-writing for this EP, we really wanted to establish a ground of relevance and understanding together with our fans."

Inserting their own stories and personal feelings in their songs wasn't always easy for TXT. "There was a lot of writing and rewriting again involved, and it’s a more difficult process than I had originally imagined," TAEHYUN says, adding the challenge only makes him more eager for future songwriting opportunities.

Apart from their music, TXT is staying in touch with fans through social media. It's something the group has always done, but their strong social media presence has never been more vital to them and their global fans than now.

"We can’t meet our MOA in person right now, but we keep interacting through social media. I suppose that for us, social media is a medium for communication that allows us to deliver our music, our messages, and even our latest status update. And of course, in turn, our fans can share what they’re up to, as well as how they feel real-time," HUENINGKAI says.

It's MOAs who continue to give TXT strength despite all the challenges they faced this year, and it's that connection that makes them want to deliver impactful music their fans can relate to in return. "We more than appreciate the love and support from our MOA. They motivate us to become greater artists, and to continue to grow and become bigger versions of ourselves," TAEHYUN says.

TXT's Minisode1: Blue Hour is available on all streaming platforms now.