Vine Might Be Coming Back As "Vine 2" & The Internet Is So Freaking Excited

If you haven't heard, our beloved Vine might be making a comeback. Yes, you heard that correctly: Vine might be making a comeback. This is not a drill, and tweets about Vine coming back prove that the Internet is ready to make more videos.

Yesterday, Vine co-founder Dom Hofmann tweeted a version of the Vine logo updated with a "2" next to it. The caption of the tweet was "V2," although reports and reactions have referred to the project as Vine 2.

It's currently unclear what exactly the app will consist of. It could be a standard reboot, a modified version of the original Vine, or something new entirely. People are also questioning whether or not old Vine content will still be accessible on the new app, although given that Hofmann is developing the sequel as an independent side project. Also, Twitter owned the original app at the time of its shutdown — so this is unlikely.

Despite all of the information still up in the air, Twitter had a lot to say about the news that the home of Miss Keisha, Gavin, and "I Smell Like Beef" could finally be making a comeback. Users reacted to Hofmann's announcement with a hilarious mix of joy, excitement, and some skepticism.

Here are some of the best tweets about Vine 2.

"Goodbye to my sleep schedule."

"Get famous on Vine 2."

People are already practicing.

Personally, I would do anything to relive the days where I spent hours lying in my bed, scrolling through my own likes and re-Vines, and cracking up laughing no matter how many times I had seen them. Don't get me wrong, there are a ton of hilarious tweets and Instagram posts out there — but in my opinion, nothing has ever truly matched up to the holy land that was Vine.

While the announcement brought a round of lighthearted tweets like the ones above, others took the opportunity to remind Twitter about the upcoming net neutrality vote set to take place on Dec. 14. The results of the vote will affect users' access to the Internet, including, of course, a potential Vine 2.

"Help save Net Neutrality!"

The Internet has been (mostly) patiently waiting for the return of Vine since its shutdown in Oct. 2016. Media outlets mourned the loss of the platform with "Best of Vine" lists, and Internet users have done their best to keep the medium alive with Vine threads, as well as the thousands of Vine compilations available on YouTube. It's virtually impossible to log on to Twitter without seeing a tweet begging the company to bring Vine back or longing for the days when the app was in its prime.

"Me in my therapists office: I miss Vine."

Although Twitter and other social media platforms have been saturated with Vine nostalgia for the last year, some users are skeptical about the Vine 2 announcement. A few users have questioned the app's ability to survive, and whether or not it will exist as more than just remakes of the same content from the original app. It will certainly be interesting to see how the project develops and what potential updates or differences Vine 2 will have. Perhaps filters like Snapchat and Instagram, or maybe some more advanced editing capabilities?

"Vine 2 is gonna be weird."

Twitter purchased Vine in Oct. 2012 for a reported $30 million and officially launched the app three months later in Jan. 2013. Although Vine initially suffered from low adoption rates, it eventually became the most downloaded free app in the iOS app store.

The platform also launched the careers of a number of Internet sensations, including Shawn Mendes, Lohanthony, and Jay Versace. We'll be waiting to see how these stars react to Vine 2 and keeping you updated on any new developments.

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