Twitter Is Treating Team Snapchat Like An Ex They Want Nothing To Do With


Maybe you have a boo to celebrate Valentine's Day with, or maybe there's a chance that you're planning on staying at home to pet your dog and eat candy (which, TBH, isn't the worst option ever). Either way, Valentine's Day — aka, the world's biggest Hallmark holiday — might be giving you an assortment of mixed feelings. Maybe it's because you recently broke up with someone, or maybe you're taking the Snapchat update really, really seriously. But no matter how you decide to celebrate the holiday, the tweets about Team Snapchat's Valentine's Day Snap after the update show that literally all of us feel like we're dealing with a breakup, and we are all so salty.

There's a likely chance that the latest Snapchat update freaked you out, like, really bad. Between condensing Stories and Chats onto one page and having an entirely different page for media, the new format is pretty different than what we're used to. And although the update was initially announced in a release from November 2017, it finally rolled out in early February 2018, just before Valentine's Day. Based on the fact that users were totally shook from the new Snapchat format, they felt like the Team Snapchat Valentine's Day Snap — which was sent to all users — was kind of like insult to injury. Like, everyone was already salty about the update, as well as Valentine's Day, and we get this gooey lovey V-Day Snap? Obviously, Twitter had some feelings about it, and the tweets are hella honest.

"We broke up when you updated behind my back."

So in case you weren't entirely sure, the bottom line is that Twitter is taking the new Snapchat update, like, real hard, and now is not the right time to kiss and make up. If Snapchat can just go and update itself behind our backs, and then send a Valentine's Day Snapchat like nothing even freaking happened, let me tell you... they are just so wrong. Twitter's really feeling some strong, salty vibes about it, and I totally get it. Nobody was expecting the update in the first place, and it really hurt our Snapchat time. Like any breakup, Twitter will just need some time to cope with it, but maybe someday we'll all be OK.

A good portion of Twitter is also feeling let down for a different reason. Some people said they wanted Valentine's, but all they received was a Snap from Team Snapchat. And even though that really isn't the worst thing in the world, the Twitter reactions are really pretty hilarious.

In addition to their highly controversial and tear-jerking Valentine's Day snaps, Snapchat is also celebrating the holiday by decking out Snap Map. It's changed from earthy tones to pretty pinks, and regardless of your relationship status, it'll definitely have you craving those OK-tasting candy hearts. The Actionmojis on the Snap Map will be shown traveling in action, flying airplanes, hot air balloons, riding in trains, or even on boats. Nearby friends will appear to be doing classic V-Day activities, such as eating chocolates or sharing a heart-shaped pizza. The names of countries are also in bright red, and a little extra cartoonish to spread the L-O-V-E.

Maybe your human Valentine didn't come through this year, but on the bright side, Snapchat definitely sent you a Valentine. If you're still salty about the whole update behind our backs thing (which is understandable), or if Valentine's Day just has you feeling some type of way, there's nothing to worry about, because at least there's still candy.

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